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Once and for all: What anti-histamine is best to use (no broscience)

I want to try again an antihistamine for my symptons. I tried 10mg daily of cetirizine at night for a couple of months, I think it helped a bit with my mucus thing but the rest of the symptons didnt go, I still want to try, since its impossible ot measure histamine levels. Doctors officially recommend cetirizine, some here say its not recommended and recommend 1st generation anti histamines over 2nd generation ones:

Why do you need to have a measurement? If you have allergy symptoms, why not try one of the safe allergy meds and see if it helps - meanwhile try food elimination tests to see which food(s) are the culprits. Eliminating starches would be something to experiment with first. I don't see why not taking cetirizine is something to worry about when Benadryl or cypro work better, are safer and in the case of cypro have many other benefits? There is a thread on RP forum about the positive effects of cypro... it is anti-depression, anti-cancer, immune protective, heart protective, etc etc.

You don't need any doctor's prescription to get the cypro if you live in France.
Just go to any chemist and ask for "Periactine" voilà....
And if you decide to take the Periactine for its anti-histamine effects, I would recommend you to take it around 7am (and start very slowly with "only" 500 mcg of it).
Thanks to the wonderful work of Dr. Alain Reinberg, we know, now, that the anti-histamine effect of the Periactine, if taken first in the morning, will last much longer (and thus will be more effective) than taken later during the day.

Then some doubt Ray Peat's view on this and say 2nd gen ones like cetirizine are good to go. Bukowski had a comment on this but the comment is deleted or I cant find it.

Please tell me what is best. Some people in my family are using cetirizine for years and im worried since some claim it can be bad for the liver. Yet at the same time, im not sure if this is legit or not and what to replace it with.
I also need to find a solution for myself, I have post nasal drip (muccus stores on the throat because too much is generated). This seems like histaminosis problem and using anti histamines could help.
Lets hope by the end of this thread I can know what to do.

asked Feb 20, 2015 by phillpeat

This is not going to make a difference in the big picture, so I wouldn't dwell on it. I would just take benadryl or cyproheptadine and not concern yourself with it any longer. If you have post nasal drip, you need immune system support. Vitamin A and E eliminated my post nasal drip from milk.

Will the doctor give me benadryl or cypro? I only have a prescription for cetirizine, not sure if they are going to give me a 1st generation anti histamine, also not sure why doctors give 2nd generation anti histamines if 1st ones are better? what improvement there was to call it 2nd generation?

Ive tried removing milk for months and I still got the post nasal drip.
Even tho im not fond of randomly supplementing without tests I would try vitamin A and E supplements. But I know supplementing with some vitamins without tests can be a big big mistake (vitamin D for example).
As far as I know the only vitamin that you could supplement and likely always benefit from it is K2. Not sure about A and E.
Beside health reasons, I dont have enough money to spend on too many supplements so I like to be sure I actually will benefit from it.

You missed the point of my comment. If I were you I would just stop making things so complicated and get on some desiccated thyroid. The problem with these forums is that people get caught up in minute details and create more stress for themselves by trying to perfect every aspect of their diet. I would just get on the thyroid and chill out while that moves things in the right direction.

But why dissecated thyroid when it's in fact way more complicated to do se than regular T4? I don't seem to need T3, and im still unconvinced against all this NDT vs regular treatment thing.

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Im wondering why the guy I quoted is recommending crypto in the morning when a famous side effect is that it is a sedant...

Thanks to the wonderful work of Dr. Alain Reinberg, we know, now, that the anti-histamine effect of the Periactine, if taken first in the morning, will last much longer (and thus will be more effective) than taken later during the day.

whats the point? im trying to wake up in the morning not be even more sleepy.

answered Feb 22, 2015 by phillpeat

I thought Diphenhydramine (benadryl) is typically OTC in most countries . Cypro might need a prescription. That said I found Diphenhydramine to work better especially taken before bed. Cypro just left me groggy, exhausted and feeling weird.

answered Feb 22, 2015 by inflamed

I dont know. Im still not convinced. Why use benadryl or cypro or cetirizine?
what are the differences?
And why are docs prescribing cetirizine and not benadryl and cypro?
I dont want to be victim of internet broscience.

Hey Bro, no broscience here. Benadryl is said to have a faster onset and last for a shorter time relative to Cetrizine. Benadryl also causes sedation which works for me as i take it night. RP's view on Cetrizine:

How does it compare to cypro and why is the guy I quoted recommending it in the morning when it would make you sleepy?
Why are docs giving us cetirizine and not benadryrl/cypro?

Ok If no one else wants to comment im going to try luck with Benadryl.