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Food fresheness.

I'm theorizing that this might be an issue for people. Something that got me thinking was that I ate some canned fruit, and felt like I actually got more nutrition from the canned fruit compared to "fresh" fruit, and I've read that canned fruit is picked ripe and canned relatively quickly.

I believe that if the fruit, milk and meat that we eat was all gathered the day that we eat it, a lot of people would have less issues.

What do you think?

asked Feb 16, 2015 by Shredder
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I think the point of ripeness at which the fruits are picked is the real issue, not so much the storage time (although both are kind of connected since you cant really store ripe fruits for long periods of time)

I used to order fruit from Thailand that was picked ripe and shipped via airplane.
The energy rush you get from just eating a small amount of those tropical fruits that are actually picked when they are ripe is crazy. The taste and sweetness are also of course not even comparable to the commercial shit we get in the supermarket.
Unfortunately also 2-3 times as expensive.

Canned or frozen would be the next best thing i guess, but if you never had any really ripe tropical fruit you should definitely order some just to try it out.

answered Feb 16, 2015 by skally
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May I ask for the company name and if you have a link?

Sure, it was:

They don't ship outside Europe unfortunately

Yes, that sounds ideal. I can't eat too much canned fruit though, something from the canning process seems to make me break out in little rashes. Will try frozen.

Thank you