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Milia - how to deal with it? Pore size. Ladies, start talking.

So I have these little pearls in my eye area, all tiny, but that kinda darkens the eye skin area, which I do not enjoy.

Anyone dealt with it, ladies in particular?

Tretinoin/ Retin-A is supposed to help, but scared to use in the eye area.

Started using retinaldehyde for now.

Another question is, what do you use to minimize pores long-term? What's the most useful remedy?

So far I just used retinyl palmitate 100,000 IU all over my face and it was somewhat effective.

asked Feb 14, 2015 by Elka

2 Answers

Retin-A is fine to use around the eyes, in fact probably the best area due to small wrinkles that tend to form there first. Just be aware you have to build it up slowly. Start with a low dose, eg 0.025%. Try a half rice grain sized amount under each eye, every 3 days for several weeks. Then build up to using it every 2 days for a few weeks, and eventually every day. Stronger doses can be tried afterwards if you are not seeing results. You'll know you are doing it too much if you see redness and irritation so back off (light skin peeling is fine and goes away soon).

answered Feb 14, 2015 by PeatNoob

Are you using any skincare creams or makeup that could be causing the milia? I would do some elimination testing.

It's fine to use Retin-A around the eyes... just can make the skin look crepey and dry. Retinaldehyde (Avene Triacneal) is good too, but not as strong.

Could it be sebaceous hyperplasia? I've found vitamin A internally (i.e. eating liver) made a big difference - had a couple of those tiny skin-coloured bumps on my forehead that basically went away.

Do you eat liver? I think that would be the best thing.

answered Mar 4, 2015 by ilovethesea

I am not sure, I think I had them long before I started using any cosmetics. I just used to think it's my weird skin texture. Googled sebaceous hyperplasia and it looks way too big compared to what I have under eyes

Retin-A and Triacneal are the 2 products I have been experimenting with for a month now. No noticeable changes in under eye area so far. But I hate when any of those get into my eye during the night.

Will try to eat more liver.

BTW, do you have any recommendations for a under-eye moisturiser? I haven't found anything I would want to stick to...