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Very low OH25 but 1,25 on range. Do I need more vitamin D or not?

I made a thread about this, tried to bump it just now but apparently you cant bump on this forum. Anyway its here:

So basically, after all this time I haven't reached any conclusion, too many contradicting arguments.

In one hand im scared that i may have an actual severe deficit and I need vitamin D.

On the other hand, im scared it would be a big mistake to supplement with vitamin D when my 1,25 are good (apparently my diet has enough vit D because i barely get any sun) because it could lead to problems.

Please help.

asked Feb 12, 2015 by phillpeat

Don't you live in France? Shouldn't you be able to get a decent amount of sunshine? Can't you just increase the exposure? If I got that one wrong - did you ever consider moving?

UV bulbs are an alternative to moving.

The main of the thread is I dont even know if I need more vitamin D or not, because some say 1,25 is all that matters and 1,25 is on range even if OH25 is not.
Since im not getting any sun because I only go out at night (im too lazy to wake up in the morning) im just assuming that vitamin D seen in the 1,25 test is coming from my diet and in theory would be enough if OH25 is irrelevant.

OH25, Vitamin D? I don't care. I only need common sense to understand people need daylight and sunshine. I wouldn't care about those lab values one bit. Going out at night because you're 'too lazy' to wake up in the morning? That's not good and you should focus on fixing that instead.

Im trying and have endlessly posted on here trying to find for answers for why im too tired i the morning and cold.
My doctors only test for TSH and T4 and dose T4 pills accordingly to that, they are investingating anything else.
Im too tired to research for myself.

The problem is you dug your own grave. For a proper thyroid hormone production, you need daylight and sunshine. Because you don't get sunshine/daylight you're also tired in the morning. Thyroid supplementation often makes it even worse. How do get out of it? Pull yourself together and just stand up in the morning. Go out. Do something you like, if not just go for a stroll in a beautiful environment. The more daylight you get, the more energetic you feel. Your thyroid will also fix itself by doing so, most likely.

Some advocate resting when you feel tired, and i dont feel like going out.
I'll try to force myself for a while and see what happens..

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Do you consume enough calcium? A calcium deficiency can also cause low 25(OH)D levels. As blood levels of calcium fall the Parathyroid glands produce more PTH to signal the kidneys to increase the conversion of 25(OH)D to calcitriol (1,25), which keeps the blood calcium balanced by reducing calcium loss, absorbing more from the food, and taking it from the bones.

answered Feb 14, 2015 by Eyes of a Crab

My calcium came at about above range in my blood work.
PTH was also on range.

Well if you consume at least some calcium your body is likely to maintain balanced blood levels of calcium, since your body is really good doing this. Unless you are old, have some sort of decreased kidney function, a parathyroid condition, have been restricting calories or calcium, or some other causes, even when not consuming sufficient calcium (but at least some) your calcium blood levels are going to remain stable.
Having said that, I am curious as to how much calcium you ingest, if you actually know. If you don’t know, can you tell me how your diet looks like?
Or maybe this is totally pointless because you may actually consume enough calcium, if that is the case then I'd say you don't have to worry about your vitamin D levels, and would recommend not to supplement, given that it would definitely cause more harm that benefits.

I dont know man, i drink milk daily, 200ml morning with the banana milkshake with cinnamon and a orange juice glass, also get about 25 to 30 g of iberic jam with bread and EVOO, about 200ml of milk again at the evening with some nutella sandwich and corn flakes
i eat cheese daily with the dinner with some toasted bread

the actual 2 main meals are whatever my mom cooks

i dont keep track of calories and macros and im 25 years old.

i think Kiwifruit is right tho, i should go out and get some daylight because its common sense, the problem is im so tired at the morning. i'll try to force myself and go to gym again. its like my body wants it, but at the same time it tells me to be lazy and sleep, spcially after breakfast. So I want to wake up and go to gym and at the same time I want to sleep. Wtf..

I dont like going to gym later, because its filled with too much people.

Making a very rough estimate, based on the info you gave me, you consume almost 1000 mg of calcium, which is not that bad, could be better though. But assuming your metabolic rate is low, it is not that bad.
Yeah, you could probably benefit from the sunlight. Just an advice, when you begin sunbathing, if you start noticing an excessive thirst, hyperventilation, nausea and lack of appetite, and fatigue just as your are finishing your meals, especially breakfast, means that you could be developing Vitamin D toxicity, which you can actually get from too much Sun.