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Is my dog hypothyroid?

She was neutured not too long ago, and has been steadily gaining weight since. Her nose is cold, she always seems to be starving and obsessed with food [to a much greater extent now], and is much more hesitant to go on walks/go outside than the other dogs. Just wondering if anyone here had had any success with applying peatarian principles to their dog, or success with any dietary alterations or thyroid supplementation.

asked Feb 8, 2015 by hazmatt

I suspect our dog is slightly hypo, but I'm too chicken to give him my thyroid supplements. He has really bad skin and ear problems, but switching to a raw food helps. I feel better about it because it includes ground up raw bone too - so there should be plenty of calcium in it. We also feed my dog some fruits and ice cream.

Supposedly one of our dogs used to have a dry coat but we gave her vitamin e and it cleared up. Supplements are always kinda tricky so I would err on the side of caution.

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My dog had loose stools, so I switched to a more natural dog food brand and he doesn't have problems now.

I've heard a lot of vets telling that dog food is bad and blaming it for the raise of cancers in dogs (when you read the ingredient list carefully you can see why). My dog's trainer suggests to his customers to give them real food (raw meat, a bit of steamed rice and vegs, a bit of fruits and vitamin/mineral supplements) with some blood tests at first to fix deficiencies (like humans).

I lived in France and now in Japan and get local brands. Most brands in Japan are imported from America and here's a list of brands I found were kind of good: acana, evo, california natural, argyle dish

I search for food without corn, wheat and with real animal protein (not weird animal by-products they put in big commercial brands). The most protein the better.

answered Feb 8, 2015 by nikotrope

My parents recently started feeding them raw, but also continue feeding dry food brands as well. As raw becomes more popular, there are more and more options to choose from, some of which look kinda of sketchy. Raw is still probably better than canned no matter what brand.

I've been feeding my pit/hound mix mostly raw chicken since she was a pup. She just turned 2 and she is the healthiest-looking dog i know personally. I've experimented a lot with it and have found that she does best with 4 raw chicken legs a day (2 in the morning, 2 at night), with the occasional treats from either my food (random bites of potatoes, rice, cheese, cooked meats, etc) or some organic dog treats. I also feed her a 1lb roll of raw food from Whole Foods that is mostly liver, hearts and kidneys about once every 2-3 weeks (split up over 3-4 meals as a sub for a chicken leg). She has the best coat, she's nice and lean but muscly and strong as f*ck for a 45# dog, and her mouth and teeth are clean and amazingly strong. The vet always comments about it, and at 2 years she just saw a new vet and he and his assistants all kept assuming she was only 1 year old. The vet himself said her teeth looked like puppy teeth in terms of the lack of issues. Maybe I'll post pics sometime...

I fretted a bit about the whole PUFA thing initially when I got into Peat with all the chicken she eats, but...I think with it being raw it's not near the same as if she ate vegetable oil-laden processed food. And the results speak for themselves.

Awesome input, thanks for the response. Do you let her eat the bones from the raw chicken legs? And the roll from whole foods is just to supplement her diet with organ meats I'm assuming? Also, where do you buy the chicken legs? Do you worry about salmonella?