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Singing and CO2

I love singing and playing instruments at home. I read in some old thread that singers die earlier due to CO2 loss while singing. This article was mentioned:

So my question is, do you think singing will lower CO2 levels in the body?

asked Feb 7, 2015 by holl

everyone is always in a struggle of sorts to meet the demands that are placed on the body - there are so many variables which spell out the quality of someone's life.

Can you ask Ray?

I don't know how to contact him.

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That article is retarded. Pop-music singers die young because they abuse drugs and alcohol.

Show me death stats for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

answered Feb 7, 2015 by 4a552f55cbb9

Yes I agree. Still, I'm curious if singing affects CO2 levels in the body.

ohh goodness, I stopped reading after the first 4 names on the list. In other news, I heard that Whitney Houston's daughter died recently - hence proved that if you're a singer, your children will also die earlier, Q.E.D.

In all seriousness, you begun with "I love singing..". Don't think about CO2 no more and continue doing what you love. Not doing what you love will probably have more serious repercussions !

answered Feb 8, 2015 by inflamed

Selena died of a gunshot wound.

Me: Hello! Do you think singing lowers CO2 levels in the body?

RP: I think it would have to be very loud singing. When I played a sousaphone the hyperventilation made me light-headed, but playing a trumpet or french horn or oboe didn't.

answered Feb 18, 2015 by holl

That's not the way you approach a discussion with senpai Dr. Raymond Peat, Mr. holl

^ he used little of Dr. Peat's time. I think that's a good thing, as he didn't bother him much. How would you have done it?

Yo Ray, singing lowers CO2 or nah?

all i know is that improper singing is likely to release far more CO2 than proper singing. regardless, i don't think the amount of singing someone does even as a professional would be of any detriment. and everyone has their own variables which can "shorten" their life - it's about how you meet those demands and recover.

answered Feb 7, 2015 by Nicholas

Yeah, if you need to get some prep or put a lot of effort into it you don't have the needed energy, singing has to come off naturally and easy.

If it were true, why not adjust the concentration of CO2 of the air you're breathing?

answered Feb 8, 2015 by Anon

Not mentioning Scatman John. smgdfh Artour Rakhimov.

answered Feb 8, 2015 by Mountain

I like this part:

It has been known for many decades that hyperventilation is the foundation for nearly all psychological, psychiatric and neurological problems.

Wise words.

answered Feb 9, 2015 by Eyes of a Crab

Are you being sarcastic?

I am sarcastic from time to time, but I wasn't at the time I wrote this answer.
Maybe hyperventilation being the foundation is a rather strong statement, but it's certainly one of the causes.