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Activities to heal and energize the brain, or prevent / reverse neurological conditions

"And mental activity that challenges obsession and rigidity might be the most important brain energizer. Pseudo-optimism, humor-as-therapy, has a certain value, but a deeper optimism involves a willingness to assimilate new information and to change plans accordingly."

Like what? Any idea, or do you have any other quotes that can help?

Thanks in advance!

asked Feb 6, 2015 by John Frusciante

This is really profound and for me, the hardest thing. I try to put myself in a position where I am vulnerable and unsure, and then try to make what I can of it.

Creative writing, drawing or painting, composing music, designing graphics or animation, filming video: things that cannot be reduced to a formula and just happen somehow, as if inspired by a muse or a genius.

Whatever you choose, really give it a go. Make an appointment with yourself everyday, and then show up, and do it.


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In the most recent interview, he said take a vacation and get a new job.

Herb Doctors: Digestion and Emotion (NEW 2015)

answered Feb 7, 2015 by Westside PUFAs