This archived forum used to be called 'Peatarian' (in reference to Ray Peat).

What is the shareable meme for Ling and Peat phenomena? [poll]

Ling and Peat need a shareable meme. They are the two greatest living (or dead) scientists, and no one even knows who they are, because they've been blacklisted by academics and their corporate puppetmasters. The cause of science needs your help!

Aside: I once started a thread on the raypeat forum called the "Weight Loss Miracle Discovered by Ray Peat", and it was by far the most popular, perhaps the only popular thread, measured by views per day, in that forum's relentlessly dreary history.

But then, the poor admin was bitchslapped by fascist [anti-]fattists** into changing the name to "VoS uncoupling thread". At which point, no one viewed it any more.

So anyway, let's do this thing right! Bitchslapping will not ruin our mojo here!

Shareable memes! We can do it! If you think it's junk, please let me know that, too. One person's trash can be another person's treasure, is all.

**Sorry I couldn't resist. It was just too easy. No meme is off limits! Go for it!

Upon checking, "fattists" are said to be blindly opposed to being fat, and so "anti-fattists" might be their equally blind opposites. Fascist, as defined by Benito Mussolini, means "If you do not see things our way, you are wrong."

The Peatarian Miracle (1 vote, 25%)
The Peatarian Bible (0 votes)
The Peatarian Code (2 votes, 50%)
The Peatarian Diet (1 vote, 25%)
The Peatarian Cure (0 votes)
asked Feb 5, 2015 by visionofstrength
edited Feb 5, 2015 by visionofstrength

Forced memes are the worst memes.

@PeatNoob, Agree. I think a shareable meme and a forced meme are at two ends of the meme continuum, at least as I understand it.

Shareable memes are shared because they are funny or helpful.

Forced memes are neither:

Attaching a label to it suggests an all or nothing authoritarian protocol. We should be considering each idea or concept individually, and using our own personal judgement to accept or reject each idea.

Refusing to use a label helps with this, because we won't feel that we are being alienated from a part of our self-identity when we refuse to accept something that our judgement says doesn't make sense.
@bioassay, Add yours to the list: The Anti-Authoritarian Protocol!

I would love that meme! I'm almost daily rejecting ideas I accepted yesterday when they seemed to make sense.

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answered Feb 5, 2015 by Kasra

I knew I could count on you. Don't stop there! You've got more just dying to come out.

Unique, says google:
"Your search - Peatswag420 - did not match any documents"

None of your poll options are Lingish. So at first I thought:

But reading Kasra's response made me think:

answered Feb 6, 2015 by peatón

The poll options are merely suggestions to get you thinking, and perhaps a bit of flamebait, though so far no takers.

Secretly-We-Are-Gay-Lingpeaters. That is epic!

Does it have to have Peat's name in it?

"Metabolic Lifestyle" or something sounds good.

answered Feb 6, 2015 by lvysaur

That's an interesting notion. I've had to be reminded a number of times that Peat's got a radical approach to lifestyle, much more so than diet. He believes that just being in the same room with an authoritarian person can hinder metabolism, while taking a nature walk can raise metabolism, far more than the exertion of walking.

Bag breathing, red light, good sleep and even the challenge of finding good food are, for him, all lifestyle contributions to metabolism.


I definitely think there's something about being in nature which contributes to health.

My health rose dramatically when I was out in the backyard shooting archery and planting stuff.