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Is fish gelatin beneficial as beef/pig one?

Or are there any particular differencies? From what I've read, it is beneficial as bovine one and their aminoacids are almost the same. But I would like to be sure about that. Do you guys know about it?

asked Feb 4, 2015 by John Frusciante

You need to look for the glycine content. It should be about 30% by weight.

The other problem with seafood now is that much of it is tragically contaminated by criminal ecological disasters at nuclear power plants and oil drilling rigs.

Not all products have aminoacid composition labeled.
Ray Peat said it is the same.
For the contamination, it is certificated for heavy metals, ecc. it's isolated gelatin

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Sounds good!

Side note: The issue with radiation from nuclear power plants and genetically engineered enzymes from drilling rigs is that they don't get measured, intentionally, by any government or agency. I just try to raise awareness as a public service when I can.

answered Feb 5, 2015 by visionofstrength
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

I'm not using capsules, I mean buying it and consuming it, I don't see any reason it is less safe than bovine or pig one.

Ooops. That's a good question. I assume that the fish gelatin may have more contaminants. But without testing data we don't know.