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Thiamine (Vit B1): Why isn't it considered so much?

I mean, seems great, some people get great results. Should decrease lactate and increase CO2. What do you have to say about it?

asked Feb 2, 2015 by John Frusciante

I do 300 mg thiamine every couple hours or so, along with 250 mg niacinamide. And the other B vitamins in small amounts once a day. It's expensive, but I think of the hardship that people suffered when B vitamins weren't discovered yet, and I'm grateful that these things are available now.

Very nice. Well niacinamide definitely makes me feel crap, maybe I still depend on stress hormones/fat oxidation so much. Isn't thiamine in OJ enough, and which benefit did you achieve with it? Thanks

You can see Peat's views on thiamine here:

Are you using niacin or niacinamide? 250 mg of Niacinamide every two hours has no adverse effects in clinical practice with over 1,000 patients.