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Enjoy your strawberries !

I must start be saying that in my initial Peatarian days, I used to listen to some rpforum zealots who would authoritatively state whether a food was 'allowed' or not. Now, I rarely pay much attention to them as most of them come up with their own tinfoil theories.

After reading through some forum entries it seemed strawberries and berries in general were not considered in the 'approved' list. Having become very skeptical of the gurus and their theories, I went to the source:

"It's only the allergy reaction that people have to worry about with seedy berries, generally they are very nutritious and safe."

Now, I can pig out on strawberries ;-) Obviously, keep it organic if you want to partake and stop if you have any reaction.

Are there any other common fruits (in the US) that people have found useful outside of cooked apples, oj, watermelon and grapes ? I don't have access to the tropical fruits like lychees, paw paws etc.

asked Jan 31, 2015 by inflamed

I've always eaten berries. But I wonder about ripe banana?

Banana for me is an emergency source of potassium/vitamin c when there is no other fruit in the house.

In the summer I was surviving on ripe bananas.

Yes, strawberries first in the summer :)

berries are alright, better than most starches, but not as good as the more juice sweet fruits without seeds. And if youre sensitive enough, you can clearly feel their hormonal altering effect. Its easier as a guy im sure to notice

where you will get sweet fruit juice without sugar? Most of them are not very sweet either.What fruits are you thinking about?

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I avoid strawberries because they are absolutely terrible 2/3 of the year.

Hopefully my strawberry plant plans will come to fruition (pun intended)

Properly ripe anything is amazing, but unripe berries have an unpleasantness unrivaled by any other fruit.

answered Jan 31, 2015 by lvysaur

Peat often says "can be allergenic" when referring to specific foods, which people too often interpret as "cannot eat". If you don't have any reaction to the food, just eat it.

answered Feb 1, 2015 by PeatNoob

If he said that to you then he is contradicting himself again. I can't remember where he said this but he did: "The fruits with seeds have a negative effect on the hormones in the body so they should be avoided."

Seeds may play a role in diverticulosis.

No, there are not many fruits other than the ones you've listed. I buy my fruit wholesale and save a ton of money. I always have a box of bananas around for easy quick calories. I freeze the ones I don't eat when they are really ripe.

answered Feb 3, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

Peatarians conveniently ignore Ray Peat's numerous contradictions. Peat gets a free pass when he makes unsubstantiated or contradictory claims. Yet doctors like McDougall, who have healed many people of their health problems with a starch-based, anti-Peat diet are ridiculed by Peat followers.

Yep. They are dogmatic for some Peat sex fantasy where he strokes them using coconut oil as lube. Those people are so embarrassing to the health community.

It's summer here in Aus so I'm getting in plenty of delicious nectarines(both white & yellow) and plums.

I only have a berries on occasion, they're far too expensive for such little energy. They do taste great though.

answered Feb 1, 2015 by JimmyS

I can eat strawberries with condensed milk, it's really good. But only for a few days. I acquire a distaste for them if I try to eat them every day I think because they're slightly goitrogenic.

answered Feb 1, 2015 by Anon