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Dry mouth all the time

I think I made a topic on this before but that was only chapped lips, my mouth is so dry now, it is causing issues with my teeth. Has anyone come across this on a Peat diet? My diet mainly consists of papaya, seafood, coffee, goats milk, chicken, eggs and sometimes Apple juice.

asked Jan 27, 2015 by Paul25

Do you live in a cold country and do you have a radiator ?

Vitamin A fixed my dry mouth, cold sores, chapped lips, and probably a couple other things.

Are you a mouth breather?

I live in England, it's not awfully cold. I do notice after I eat my lunch I'm almost shivering after it, I was fine before eating though.

What was you eating for the vitamin a? I used to eat liver once a week but It didn't seem to help.

Not really a mouth breather, not something I've really took into consideration or thought about though.

Do you take any supplements or drugs?

I put gelatin powder into my coffee but that is it.

My diet mainly consists of papaya, seafood, coffee, goats milk, chicken, eggs and sometimes Apple juice.

Go to Track everything you eat for a week. Report back especially, macros, calorie intake, and we can take it from there.

Do you drink much water? I used to drink a lot of water, and was always in the bathroom, and the net result was chronic thirst/dry mouth. After I discovered Peat, I stopped drinking much water, and now I hardly ever get thirsty. I try to only drink mineral water now (Gerolsteiner) and I usually only need a good amount of it when I work out.
It's expensive, and I feel a bit guilty for environmental reasons, but I feel so much better.

Iodine deficiencies can cause this.

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That list of foods doesn't look like it has much carbs, unless you're eating a preposterous number of papayas every day.

A common complaint in people who do the keto diet (very low carb) is dry mouth/dry skin.

answered Jan 27, 2015 by Kasra

I have a fair bit of papaya, it's about the only fruit that goes well on my stomach go. I try to do lots of apple juice but I find any juice causes my lips to worsen.

You might feel better adding in some starches or even foods with refined sugars like ice cream.

I'd personally have a very hard time feeling satiated eating from that list of foods you posted.

Chapped lips and dry mouth result from poor saliva production and poor thyroid. When your body is working properly, your teeth will actually release liquid which will keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy, when the body is not working properly, the teeth will not release this liquid, and actually draw liquid in, which causes food and junk to stick to the teeth, the mouth to become dry, plaque to form and the gums to recede. When your body is working properly, your skin will be very moist via having a high water content near the surface, it will not be dry and flaky. Oil/sebum does not moisten your skin, by the way.

I first suffered the dry mouth while doing a fruitarian diet. Not sure how to fix.

Ideas I have are that it's nutrient deficiency, either from the foods not having the needed nutrients, or from a poor thyroid struggling to digest these foods.

The combination of fruit and animal foods at the same meal may be an issue for a poor thyroid. Well, that's what the "food combining" diet says. Ever tried separating them? If you get enough sugar your glycogen will be full so that a protein meal won't be an issue.

Sometimes, after a particular meal, my teeth will become clean, white and mouth moist, but I do not really know why yet. I will eat the same meal again and get dirty, sticky teeth and a dry mouth.

answered Jan 27, 2015 by Shredder
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Dry lips is not a sign of anything serious.

But constant dry mouth is alarming. Diabetes???

answered Jan 30, 2015 by Gurt

Could feeling cold be anything to do with it? I don't eat a lot of warm foods and I do feel particularly cold quite a lot of the time.

answered Feb 12, 2015 by Paul25

A mucin deficiency could either be caused by a lack of glucose or more likely glycine.

Try eating more dairy or lard-y meat if you feel cold.