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Cause of Burnt Rubber Smelling Urine?

Hey guys,


I switched to Peat style eating a few months ago, and I've noticed that my urine smells strongly of burnt rubber.  It kind of freaks me out.  After searching on Google, this seems to be a common problem among those eating large amounts of asparagus and other foods like garlic, but I was wondering whehter anybody else here has had this problem too.  I'm thinking the increase in b vitamins and solutes in general might be causing the problems, but I'm not sure.  Any thoughts/similar experiences to put my mind at ease?


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How much milk are you having?
I drink milk periodically throughout the day, usually with meals.  Most of the people who describe similar problems -- at least from what I've read online -- experience this symptom after eating asparagus.  I've also been peeing much more than normal and was wondering if this is simply my body's way of becoming more accustomed to the increased amount of sugar.

Any thoughts?
are you getting lots of vit B2 apparently it can make urine yellowish and smell bad

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Are you drinking coffee now, where you weren't before?  If so, it's the coffee.  And the B-Vitamins will have their own odor.
replied Nov 3, 2012 by LittleGramma
Hmm . . . I think this is probably it.  Although I drank coffee before, it was not in such large amounts.  Thanks Gramma.  Do you know what specifically in the coffee causes this odor?