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How to send private messages

been trying to send private messages but can't figure out how to do it.

under 'profile' i see the 'private messages' tab, but when i click it, it just says 'inbox' and 'sent items'. no option to create new message

when i click on the name of a user, i see no option available to send a private message.

asked Jan 2, 2015 by freshness

Use this url:

to send a message to freshness.

To send it to someone else, change freshness in the url to the desired user.

no other way than to us that link?

not that I know

You click send feed back on the bottom left corner

1 Answer

@Freshness, I wonder if you have messaging turned off in your profile? I got a message from you but I'm not able to reply to it.

When I go to this link:

I get page not found.

answered Mar 3, 2015 by visionofstrength