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Is There Ever A Good Reason to Replace Estrogen?

Bioidentical hormone therapy has gotten popular the last 10-15 years or so thanks to people like Suzanne Somers.  She does the Wiley Protocol which replaces hormones to the levels people have when they are in their 20s.  I am older and do not plan to do this but am wondering, is there ever any reason to replace estrogen?  Or is it really safer long term to just use progesterone.
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I recommend not taking Suzanne Somers seriously on any subject.

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Progesterone as we know significantly supresses estrogen as well as other stress hormones. Progesterone for women is very safe in correct dosages and without a doubt for long term.

It seems to me that Bioidentical hormone therapy is potentially problematic - They alter several hormone levels. Do they care about how it will affect the sensitive hormonal axis/equilibrium in the human body?

What would happen to the hormone levels and glands/organs that were producing these hormones when you stop the therapy? 

Most of us are here to learn how to deal with the consequences of our bodies hormones being out of balance. 

That therapy could potentially exasperate the problem later on.


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Good point.
I wonder about this too. Is it really the "cocaine-like" effect Peat talks about that's responsible for these improvements?
Interesting points! Hormone therapy uses several different hormones does it not? Do we know which one/s are responsible for the positive effects? Unless they change one hormone level at a time and look at the result its hard to tell.

Was it just estrogen the women you know used? Did they modify their diets at the same time? Did they start exercise regimes?

Often with hormone therapies lots of other advice is given at the same time in regards to the above and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what was the cause for improvement (Or combination of things).

Its interesting
Cortisol can make one feel good. I think it's a good idea to read Hans Selye to understand Peats point of view on estrogen.
The problem really may the loss of the cycle; it is disruptive on some women.  I think I could be that type who doesn't do well without a period.... Otoh, estrogen if not balanced very carefully with progesterone, can cause cancer.  So there is a good argument not to use to, even though menopause is rough for many without it.