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Best Whey Protein?

I found this whey protein powder

its 100% raw whey protein powder made from raw grass fed milk, it has no fillers or gums.

 It's a great source of protein, vit A and calcium...

Would this be ok? Ideally pre and post workout
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Here is a extract from a Ray Peat interview podcast I listened to recently -

Peat - "Anytime theres a pleasant sounding, unfamiliar ingredient in a food its probably a waste product from industry, various waste products from the shrimp industry are now used in food as well as health foods. if you look at each industry and see what they had a problem getting rid of, then you will see the food technologists learning how to make people eat it"

Interviewer - "Ahh thats very interesting, so the food waste just comes around again and gets recycled into the system again?"

Peat - "Yeah for eg. the EPA was having complaints from insect infestation and such from the mountains of pulp waste from the orange juice industry and they told the industry to do something with their horrendous quantities of pulp, and by using microbial enzymes they found they coud make it water soluble and have creamy orange juice. Pulpy fibrous orange juice. But it happens to be a chemical that would never occur in the natural fruit, and it has very unpredictable health results in the intestine beacuse its something people would never have been exposed to naturally. The fish industry had a similar interaction with the EPA, they were either dumping fish processing waste into the ocean where they were processing or hauling it inland for landfill, but it was so stinky the EPA told them to find other ways to dispose of it, thats where they came up with the "fish protein powders" for sending to famine areas or using as a food addiditve in the US and fish oil so that the fat and protein found health food uses."

Interviewer - "yeah thats the "solution to pollution is distribution."....... Convincing people to eat things as food when they might not think it is food"


This can be found in the "Milk and vegetables..Who defines food?" podcast on East West healing. While peat never actually mentions whey protein, i think this is fitting as whey was once regarded as a waste product of the cheese making industry. Now it is marketed as a health food/supplement. Just something to think about. Personally I would rather drink regular milk.
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Goatein has no cysteine or tryptophan.

replied Oct 15, 2012 by Lemonhead
You should work their marketing department, because they missed a hilariously awesome naming opportunity.

I posted this in another forum in regards to whey

It is not just the tryptophan. Drying the amino acids causes some of them to become allergenic and degrade the protein content. Also there is not a lot of calcium which is protective.
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The problem is with the amino acid profile of the whey. Too much tryptophan.


"Whey has been promoted as a protein supplement, but it contains a slightly higher proportion of tryptophan than milk does. Cheese (milk with the whey removed) contains less tryptophan." -Ray Peat,

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Either that or bcaa, whey seems ideal because of the amino acid and the quick absorption post workout....
Maybe balance out the whey with gelatin..
IIRC, FunkOdyssey was reporting glutamine deficiency symptoms (depression?) from continuous BCAA usage. Although it did give him a pump. I think I've experienced that effect too. YMMV, of course.

This milk powder seems better in every way.

1. About 4x cheaper by weight.

2. Better amino acid profile, as Kiran says.

3. The only ingredient is "Organic Skim Milk" as opposed to the weird proprietary things in the whey like "TruCool" and "ProVanilla" .

In fact, I would avoid that whey just based on the vibe I got from that sales page.

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Ray mentioned food in powder form to be used in an emergency.
Of course.