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Progesterone for males

Forgot wearing gloves and since I work outside and it was searing hot my hands (rest of my body is quite covered) got severly red and started to get the usual symptons, but since I know that progesterone has helped me before I put it on my hands. And it worked like a charm. But the thing that happened the day after is what grabbed my attention. I had a business meeting and usually those just annoyes the hell out of me and I have a hard time keeping my cool. But I was very calm, collected and suprised me quite alot. It must have been the progesterone since I haven't really changed anything in my diet.

Is progesterone beneficial for males or just a no go as Peat says?

asked Jun 13, 2014 by fat cat

Progesterone (orally) is my favorite recreative sedative.

I've found topical progest-e makes mosquito bites heal much faster (2-4 times as fast). But is it the E or the progesterone?

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As Anon mentioned, progesterone has sedative qualities. Regarding the use in males, there might be a negative effect on androgens, altough the evidence isn't quite clear. If you want to avoid external progesterone use, an aspirin solution might work for your symptoms.

answered Jun 14, 2014 by Dewitt

I usually use sugar or honey for blisters and wounds but for getting burned in the sun progest-e work better.

I use aspirin at the beach by reading the posts by asimov here

I'm weird in the sense that I wonder if aspirin blocks the bad effects of UVB but not of UVA, resulting in more damage in the long run because UVB triggers protective adaptations.........

It makes your skin really smooth, though. Totally worth the risk.

@Dewitt: you had a significant effect with aspirin topically? I don't think I've been that lucky with topical stuff. For topical use, RP includes aspirin (and B3, caffeine, etc).