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How Harmful is Radiation, & How Dangerous is Flying?

How harmful is radiation? How dangerous is flying in an airplane?
created Sep 28, 2012 by Anon

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I'm not sure about radiation though, sorry.

replied Sep 30, 2012 by Kasra
I meant how dangerous is flying due to the radiation one is exposed to when flying.

Politics & Science made a radio show about radiation featuring Peatman himself.

If I remember it right he recommends avoiding X-rays, but if they can't be avoided, it'd be a good idea to do it in the afternoon and drink coffee for the magnesium and the niacinamide.

In one of his books he also says that getting sunlight through a window is safer.

replied Sep 30, 2012 by Bruno

Concerning flying in an airplane, I asked this to RP (since I'm travelling myself). His answer : 

"Not likely. The biological effects of radiation decrease as altitude increase. LET and mesons explain the relationship." - Ray Peat

replied Jan 9, 2013 by Bruno