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Breakfast Alternatives to Bacon and Eggs?

What do you typically eat for breakfast?  I eat bacon and eggs practically every day with OJ, but the bacon and eggs are both from soy-fed animals (though organic) and I'm concerned this could be detrimental to my health.   I also don't do milk because of zits.  Any good, filling alternatives?
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Do you get acne from cheese as well? One of my favorite breakfasts of late is Ricotta or Feta cheese inside half a melon. I eat both halves with the cheese. If melons arent available then the fresh cheeses also mix well with diced up mango.

Do you have access to eggs from pastured/grass fed chickens?
replied Sep 2, 2012 by wilson
There must be a quantum entanglement between us
Ha, is that your breakfast of choice as well?
yep !
The problem with quantum entanglement is that if you measure one of the twin particles you affect the other one even if they are millions of light years away, one of the weirder quantum concepts :)
I do fine with cheese as far as I can tell; thanks for the suggestion, sounds good!

The only eggs at the supermarket that are pastured are ridiculously expensive ($5.99/carton!) but I'm going to try to find a farmer around here that has pastured chicken eggs for a reasonable price.
Lately I just blend up some raisins with water and some unsweetened cacao powder and add a bit of salt. It also work with dates, I guess. It's pretty tasty, although very sweet. And you feel surprisingly full afterwards. You could add some coconut milk to that if you prefer to get more fat in the morning. I could imagine throwing some egg yolk in as well.
replied Sep 5, 2012 by Dewitt
Very interesting! Sounds delicious!
Thanks, I'll give that a try! :)