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Staying Satiated?

At the end of the day, despite eating sufficient calories (on cronometer around 2800-3000 calories at 165 pounds) I'm often very hungry a couple hours after my last meal of the night or wake up starving in the middle of the night (not sleeping that well lately), and I end up and going down and raiding the kitchen for whatever basically.  I usually go from being very full after a meal to very hungry an hour or 2 later, which is quite annoying

At 165 pounds I'm getting about 175-180 grams of protein a day total, which seems like enough.  I'm more on the muscular side, with little bodyfat, so I dont know if that sounds like enough protein or not.  Carbs come from OJ and sugar (around 340 grams a day) and I get about 68-70 grams of fat a day.  This usually works out to be 50% from carbs, 30% from protein, 20% from fat.

Sorry for the long winded question, anything I'm not getting enough of here?

asked May 18, 2012 by anonymous
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Do you eat nutrient-dense foods, like eggs, cocoa or shellfish ? if your body lacks something, the hunger signals may be disturbed. Your carb intake seems pretty low for me as well, but i can't tell if it's involved in satiation
Eat more food, preferably carbohydrates.  Eating more fat with your last meal will help you stay satiated through the night.

What's a typical meal that you are starving 1-2 hours after?
Something like 16 oz of OJ, 16 oz of 2% pretty heavily sugared milk with a tablespoon gelatin, and 2 eggs.  It seems like my blood sugar is way down low a couple hours later and I'm very hungry
I think ray has said he needs about 1 quart of OJ for 1 egg as they are very insulinogenic.  Maybe try doing a tad bit less protein and a little bit more fat/sugar.  If your drinking 2% milk with added vitamins the emulsifiers they use could be bloating you out which gives you the very full feeling.
Yeah you could be right about the milk, I'll try to find a better brand of 2%.
if you live in the US you won't find 2% without vitamins, you have to get cream top and skim it yourself.

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For me, potatoes were the missing link for satiety.

answered Feb 7, 2015 by Westside PUFAs

White potatoes were the magic key to well-being for me. I'm still here reading this shit and wasting time commenting, but a plate of four or five well boiled potatoes a day is what I needed to mostly clear up my problems, personally. I wasted a lot of time trying extra sugar and orange juice and watermelon and so forth. Boiled potatoes with some cheddar on them is what fixed me up, I'm sure. I still crave it every day. Eat a bowl of boiled potatoes with cheddar and a big squirt of ketchup.

I can easily eat 1 kg of potatoes for lunch, dinner, and as a snack -chips, french fries .

Protein sounds plenty - why not eat some whole fruit instead of juice around dinner time to potentially keep you satiated a bit longer?
[IE a couple of oranges vs the same amount in OJ)
answered May 19, 2012 by ghai019
Protein definitely sounds like plenty. Carbs even sound ok but you might want to try more fat.  I know Peat says that fat can be a metabolic killer (even too much coconut oil) but it will definitely help with satiation.  I understand this one as I am too also muscular around 150 lbs and can have a hard time feeling full.  I know when I eat more fat I feel much more satiated.  Also try more nutrient dense foods like Roquefort said.  But I think more fat would solve this.
answered May 19, 2012 by sebain