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PUFA in Fruit Seeds - A Problem?

Peat is recommending tropical fruits. Living in the tropics, I eat many kinds. Papaya is my favorites, but I have probably been overdoing it. I have started to realize that the yellow colour on my face is partly due to excessive papaya consumption. Anyway, I am looking for alternatives.

I eat purple and white flesh dragon fruit from time to time. They have small black seeds, which I understand contains a high amount of PUFA. Same with passion fruit that I eat from time to time. I am hoping the seeds just pass through my system without being absorbed, but I am wondering if I should worry about possible unintended PUFA consumption by eating these fruits regularly.
asked Aug 15, 2012 by Edle
Wouldn't the yellow color rather caused by carotene ? If you find the seeds in your stools, it shouldn't be absorbed (the damage would rather be mechanical, but you should not worry too much about that IMO)
also you need vitamin B12 to convert beta-carotene into retinol
probably not that bad but I think they can cause intestinal irritation possibly.  Do you have access to lychees and longans? those are both good options that should be available for cheap in most tropical locations.
@Bruno - seriously, the yellowness is a problem. I had not seen my brother for 6 months - he picked me up at the airport when I came home for holiday in July, and his first reaction was, "OMG, your face is so yellow. You must have a serious disease, honestly". Same with my mother - freaked out completely.

I had already been to a hepatologist in February, and she concluded that the yellowness was due to hypothyroidism (have taken desiccated thyroid since December 2011) as the liver and kidney panel did not show anything. So I thought the yellowness was the result of some kind of T4/T3 conversion problem in the liver, estrogen excess and detoxification in the liver etc. Peat also says in a podcast interview that yellow face and calluses on the hands is a sign of hypothyroidism. But it has gotten worse since February, while I have been feeling better. After 4-5 weeks in Europe without any papaya consumption, my face started to improve. Picking up my obsessive papaya consumption back in Thailand, some of the yellowness came back.  

@ Roquefort - I eat one small carrot per day. I do not think it is that. I have often been eating 500 grams of papaya. Papaya is very high in beta-carotene. I have done serum and uMMA tests for B12. Looks good. Eat veal liver weekly, plus prawns, orange mussels, oysters, clams etc, so I think I am good on B12, but thanks for looking at the not so obvious!

@Cliff. Yes, longans and lychees. Do those. The thing is that the supply chain is more honest here. I get fruits from the market, and I do not get access to the whole range of fruits each week. Anyway, to get above 50 grams of carbs from longans and lychees, I have to eat a lot! Guess I have to just be a bit more generous with the cane sugar.
An article on retinol and carotenes that could interest you :
Thank you for the article Roquefort. It took me some time to read the whole thing :-) From what I am reading, it strengthens the hypothesis that I should be careful with excessive carotenes, as low thyroid function and (excessive) exercise lowers the conversion to Vitamin A. Compromised liver function (from estrogen excess, low thyroid etc) also represents a problem. I am assuming the surplus is somehow manifested in the skin.

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No, the PUFA from seeds is not absorbable, unless you have super teeth and you chew up the seeds and swallow them. To absorb the fat from seeds you must grind them in a coffee grinder like those who eat ground flaxseed do, to get the so called EFAs. But even though you won't absorb any PUFA from the fruit seeds, they can get stuck in your intestine causing serotonin and estrogen problems. As well as diverticulosis. We do not have the acids and enzymes to break down seed.

answered Feb 7, 2015 by Westside PUFAs
Do you have access to orange juice?
answered Aug 15, 2012 by darth mall
I drink 7 dl of home pressed, filtered OJ daily, from mostly sweet tropical oranges (greenish on the outside, more orange than yellow inside). I cannot drink more, as I already have started to get an aversion towards acidic fruits. I eat a range of fruits (watermelon, papaya, passion fruit, mangosten, langsat, pine apple (with sugar, grilled), guava (made into sauce), litchi, a bit of mango when in season etc. I eat some coconut sugar and coconut syrup. I drink coconut water, sometimes with a bit of added syrup from cane sugar. After long weekend workouts and towards the end of a race I drink Coke (made from cane sugar where I am based, not HFCS), which I have to say tastes divine in such circumstances. When I can get high quality ice cream, I eat it. So - I am trying a range of things, but it is still hard to get above 250 grams of carbohydrates per day when mostly from fruits - especially now that I have to cut the papaya.

Is milk expensive where you are?