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6 months on a "strict peat-inspired diet": Blood test results

I've got into Peat's work a little over a year ago and started implementing many of his ideas into my diet and overall life. 6 months ago, I decided I wasn't happy with the results and switched to a more strict version, also implementing some of my own research and ideas. The diet consisted mainly of whole fruits, dairy (milk and low-fat cheese), some meat and shellfish (almost no liver), lots of coke, some ice cream and minute amounts of salad. For better comparison, I did blood tests (only endocrine) 6 months ago and again a little over a week ago. I thought I'd post the results, maybe someone's interested in it. Reference ranges of the lab are in brackets. All tests were done at about 9AM, after overnight fasting. During all the 6 months, I did more blood tests, but always under different circumstances (different lab, not always the same time, not always fasted, with supplements etc.), so I left those out.

6 months ago:
TSH: 1.7 mIU/L (0.3 - 4.0 mIU/L)
Total testosterone: 739 ng/dL (300 - 1000 ng/dL)
Dihydrotestosterone: 54 ng/dL (30 - 85 ng/dL)
Estradiol: 96 pmol/L (50 - 200 pmol/L)
Cortisol: 457 nmol/L (150 - 650 nmol/L)
Prolactin: 7.9 mcg/L (3 - 13 mcg/L)

1 week ago:
TSH: 0.6 mIU/L (0.3 - 4.0 mIU/L)
Total testosterone: 947 ng/dL (300 - 1000 ng/dL)
Dihydrotestosterone: 71 ng/dL (30 - 85 ng/dL)
Estradiol: 48 pmol/L (50 - 200 pmol/L)
Cortisol: 203 nmol/L (150 - 650 nmol/L)
Prolactin: 3.1 mcg/L (3 - 13 mcg/L)

asked Nov 16, 2013 by Dewitt

Wow. Damn. Compared to that, my labs are a fvckin train wreck. Choo choo!

I assume you were not taking any supplements such as pregnenolone, thyroid, etc. during this time? It's interesting that you can achieve these results just with food, I for one didn't get anywhere even after a year. Only now after starting thyroid, there is some hope.

All those numbers don't say anything to me as a non-scientific person,but from what I got from your comments in last couple of posts you recently changed your diet again as in no lowfat milk,eating yoghurt,eating steak,more fat etc. Don't you think that migth also account for your current numbers compared to the milk&fruit diet 6 months ago?You didn't state what your current 'diet' looks like:) Did you eat no liver for a reason and what meat do you eat now?:)

Are those diet-only results or did you take any supplements/drugs/thyroid?

@WrxSTI: I never took thyroid or pregnenolone. Sometimes, I took some aspirin and I also experimented with some vitamins and minerals. But for these tests, I didn't take anything for two weeks.

@Dutchiee: When I took those tests 1 week ago, I was still pretty much on the same diet - just a bit more fat (maybe 20g), a bit more meat (+100g per day, I guess) and 2 servings of starch per week, at most. I wasn't on the milk & fruit diet 6 months ago :) From month 1 to 6, I was eating way more meat and starch. For months 6 to 12, I was eating mostly fruits and dairy and a bit of meat and shellfish. Currently, I still eat mostly fruits, some dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), meat (beef) but also some more starch.

Looks like things went in the right direction

What are your Marcos ?

Dewitt: What sort of fruits do you eat, considering you don't have a great variety to choose from where you live?

@animal: 30 - 60g fat; 80 - 120g protein and the rest carbs. Calorie intake is usually 3200 - 3600 kcals. Sometimes less.

@Fluke: Right now, in the colder months, it's mostly oranges and mandarins. Maybe some apples. I also use some canned fruits, like peaches and plums. In the warmer months, I can get loads of melons, nectarines, peaches, grapes etc. So the only problem really is the winter.

that testosterone, prolactin, and dht is probably about perfect....
i been trying for years to get numbers like that, maybe i'll stick with the peat thing a lil more closely

Do you eat gelatinous cuts of beef,muscle meat or fat cuts? It seems i never felt quite well,chewing on fatty cuts of meat makes me feel too relaxed/tired. I wonder when not consuming any grains&legumes regularly and even maybe no dairy,but fruits and some vegetables(not leafy greens) and meat,(shell)fish,eggs,maybe even some chickenbreast how relevant it is to keep ca:ph ratio much higher? Isnt it less relevant or need for ratio to be much higher of less concern in lack of high phosphorus grains?

I eat mostly muscle meat. Fatty cuts don't taste well, in my opinion, and gelatinous cuts take too long to cook most of the time.

Whole grains and legumes contain enough phosphorus to cause harm, I think. But the refined grains don't contain nearly as much, since the phosphorus is mostly bound to the phytates in the fibrous part of the grain that is removed during refinement.

Cool results! Thanks for sharing.

Do you bother buying organic/grassfed milk, meat and fruit?

No, I don't.

how's your libido was there an
Improvement ?

yeah, and cause earthquakes! beware!:)

Hi Dewitt, not sure if you'll see this, and sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I'm curious what a typical day on this diet might include - what you exactly ate and how often. I'd like to do something similar, albeit with less coca cola and slightly more starch, but it seems to me that hitting 3,000 calories a day would take about 30 oranges and a kg of cottage cheese just for a starting base - I don't have the time or inclination to eat like that. I tend to eat higher fat just because it's an easier way to get a lot of calories, hoping that enough coconut oil can compensate for the unsaturation.

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If I were a girl and saw those numbers, I'd sooo want to date you.
Nohomo though.

I think this is a good example of what Peat done right does for you, high carb, high sugar, high calorie, low fat Peat. I'm jealous of your starting point, too bad I ruined myself with shitty diets before, otherwise I could probably get to such a good point too without taking T3.

answered Nov 17, 2013 by ConstrictedVoid

Void, arent you on similar macros?
Is a caloric surplus the most benefits aspect to an increase in testosterone?
Also do you think the lots of fat = more testosterone theory is wrong?
and hormones can be improved through low fat dieting?

I know little about biochemistry. I just know I feel a lot better on high carb, low fat. I also know I feel way better on a higher calorie intake. My maintenance calories have pretty much double by slowly increasing intake.
I think for most, low fat, very high sugar would be best. I think a lot of people stick to too much fat, because they eat too little total calories, and would do much better lowering fat and increasing sugar to the max.

do you drink any orange juice or coffee? also, any sugar besides the cokes?

answered Nov 16, 2013 by Nicholas

I almost never drink orange juice (only when I have no time to sit down and eat fruits) and yes I drink coffee. I put some sugar into my coffee, but apart from that, no added sugars.

ok cool - our diets are almost identical except for the orange juice....which i find interesting. two more questions - do you get any gelatin in your diet? and I, too, rarely eat liver now. For me it's just a pain to get a hold of. is there any specific reason for you? (where do you get your vitamin A?)

I don't really make sure to get gelatin. Sometimes, I may eat some jell-o, but that's it. The reason I don't liver is that I don't like the taste of it and sometimes it's hard to get in stores. I just hope that the dairy contains enough vitamin A and that the beta-carotene in fruits is correctly converted.

@Dewitt what's your age and can you provide a summary of the amount of stress you have been dealing with (eustress and/or distress)?

I'm 20 years old. My life's not that stressful at the moment - just the stresses most students encounter. Lots of studying, rough exams, little spare time and low income. Altough before I started studying, it was much more stressful, with some problems in the family and the loss of my father and my ex-girlfriend.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I went through the same thing at a young age.

Awesome lab results. Now you know what it means to be in the proverbial "land of milk and honey".

Couple questions though

What kinda starches did you add back into your diet and why?

You are eating whole fruits and not juice because you noticed that fruit fiber is actually a good thing right?

Also a random one because of your awesome DHT numbers, what oil do you use when cooking?

The reason I added starch back in, was that I solved my health problems and wanted to ease things up a bit. I also noticed that I started to lose weight too easily (even with 3000+ kcals) and wanted to see if some starch in the diet can fix that. I use mostly the very refined wheat products like white bread. I believe this is the most benign form of grains. With potatoes, I always get some weird symptoms, possibly because of its fiber content.

Yes, I prefer whole fruits. They are more satifying and I believe they promote gut health, mostly by increasing peristalsis, binding to endotoxin and estrogen, and changing the gut flora to one with less gram-negative and anaerobic bacteria in it.

I use coconut oil and butter for my cooking. Very rarely, I may use olive oil.

Sorry to hear of your loss, Dewitt. If you don't mind me asking, were you dealing with the loss and family stress when your blood test was taken 6 months ago? Or should I say...had you been dealing with all that stress in and around the time you had your first blood test taken? I'd be curious to see just how much the emotional stress impacts our numbers and resulting health problems.

I haven't really been dealing with the stress during the first blood test 6 months ago.

Thanks for the answer! :)

Cool to hear that you solved any problems you had.

As far as starch, potatoes look good on paper, but yeah i've always found them nasty.

I think bread will be just fine. My grandfather lived to his 90's, having children in his 70's, eating a peat inspired diet (meat, dairy, fruits, sugar, caffeine, high altitude), while being a wheat farmer, basically having bread with each meal.

I'm not sure what type of bread it was, might have looked something like this:

I think that is white bread?

As far as whole fruits vs juice, all you need to know about how I feel on that issue is to look at my username.

Like I said before, awesome results man. Keep it up.

yea @Dewitt I am also sorry for your loss. I lost my dad at 23. I am currently 35, am taking 19 credit hours at UGA, have financial stress and have a 3 year old and 9 month old that I care for during the days. I fell off a metabolic cliff when Paleo and came to peat because of the stress reduction factors. I have only been adhering (loosely) to diet, aspirin, and recently niacinimide. I have not yet got on thyroid. I also picked up smoking again as a way to combat stress. I asked your age and stress level to compare to mine. I intend on getting levels checked 1st thing in the new year so I'll post my results. I will have been peating for about 4 months by then. Dependent on the results I'm going to implement thyroid and red light. I'm curious to find out what labs say in comparison to what my body tells me. I can post more detailed info when I'm at my computer

interesting EliminateTheJuice - i have felt for some time now that orange juice makes me feel tired - i always wondered if it was the salt or what. I turn to it out of convenience in my very fast-paced physical job but I think I'm going to start minimizing it.

whenever i do eat any bread (and I crave it a few times a week) I don't feel any digestive issues at all - in fact, i feel a kind of energy. the only wheat item that makes me tank is any kind of pasta. it will make me feel tired and depressed for at least two days. whenever i eat potatoes I invariably end up eating way too much and feel comatose afterwards.

any thoughts anyone on masa harina as a viable starch option?

Dewitt, do you eat any dried fruits?

Juice gives me more energy than whole fruit

Are you planning on doing more tests in the near future?
Are you able to test other hormones, like Free t3, reverse t3, serotonin, dheas, etc, etc

answered Nov 17, 2013 by animal

Yes, I'm able to do that. Don't know if I will, though. I'm not a big fan of the T3 tests, for example.

Why not Dewitt? I just had reverse T3 done btw since I seem to have hit a wall with NDT.

That Testosterone is eating away your thymus and the DHT your hair :-P jokes aside, congrats :-)

answered Nov 17, 2013 by nograde