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Advice for a friend.

I have a good friend who's going through what I went through this time last year and she's asked me for some advice - not that I'm the one to give it, but I guess it's a familiar experience. Recently, she discovered she has a large growth on one of her ovaries. From the manner in which she described it to me, the excruciating pain she was in when she went to the hospital, it sounds like she may have already had torsion of the ovary. Then again, maybe not.

She doesn't want to go through a surgical removal, and would like to keep things in tact if possible - which I totally understand. If I could redo everything, I would look for alternative methods than surgical removal, as it hasn't been a piece of cake. However, I'm not sure that's an option once torsion happens - from what I understand, surgery is necessary. Any thoughts?

Also, I sent her some dietary and Progesterone info., and she's reading through it. But, like me, she's having trouble eating - probably the obstruction in the digestive path. Her doctor, she said, doesn't really listen to her. After her pregnancy years ago, it sounds as though she had very bad post-partum issues - loss of hair, weird nails, depression, etc. Her doctor told her it was just in her mind. Her doctor wants her to go three months before the next ultrasound to check on the growth. She also suffered from pre-eclemsia at the end of her pregnancy. My friend is a hypothyroid poster-candidate, even from knowing her back in college (she was always exhausted, stressed, and not feeling great).

What other things might I suggest? She's currently getting a masters in food science, so she's down with reading articles related to nutrition. But really, I think nutrition is somewhat useless at this point for healing. I think she should get another opinion - maybe from an endocrinologist who deals with female issues?

Any thoughts or recommendations (Peat or other - I am not one sided) would be great and I will send them her way.

asked Nov 15, 2013 by Lindsay
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she could start consulting with Peat
this is all I could find for contact information

^ thank you. I recall reading that he's treated women with tumors and such, and had them regress. But he's on the west coast and she's over here. not sure how that would work. I don't see him having skype.

they'll become good old fashioned pen pals and peat will divulge his phone number to her

well, I will throw out the suggestion. what could two months of trial and error hurt?

You should just email Peat for her.

He'll have something to say.

yeah, I thought about it. I just don't want to come across too "mom" like, even though she asked for my opinion. my opinion is she should email dr. peat (or get some other second opinion) and decide for herself.

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I had a large cyst on my ovary once. It was not in a torsion though. Torsion can be diagnosed via ultrasound, the blood flow can be seen on the ultrasound, and when torsion happens blood flow to the ovary is reduced, obstructed. I guess when torsion happens there is a great possibility that surgery will be needed.
My gyno told me I have a chance that torsion might happen and that I should be submitted to the hospital under constant surveillance and rest, and of course that is obligatory that I take the pill. I'm a rebel, so i didn't listen. I knew all the risks but still I decided to do things my way.
I went home, and lied down, and literally didn't move at all for days.Not moving and resting is important because ovary cannot rotate if you don't move. Also, good nutrient dense food, bone broths, milk, honey,liver, fish,fruit, and Cynoplus.. I got better in a week or so, and my next ultrasound showed that cyst totally reduced. I think i used Progest E too.

answered Nov 16, 2013 by Nemesis

Also, the pain was dreadful,I felt like my leg is going to fall of, and i would die instantly. I almost fainted in the middle of the street form the pain, sat in the snow and called a taxi, couldn't move, awful..

That sounds horrible Lilly! But I'm glad you were able to reduce the cyst on your own! Was it a dermoid cyst? I will forward this info. to my friend. I didn't even know they could check for torsion with an ultra-sound..... my doctor didn't know as much! I've suggested progest-e to my friend already..... hoping she will listen.
When they found my cyst (they said it was a benign tumor - or dermoid - in the end), we had a huge trip planned to Eastern Europe. We had to cancel it and in the end it was quite silly because when I had the dermoid removed, my doctor said that I had had multiple torsions already and the ovary was pretty much dead. They weren't sure it was benign either until they ran the biopsy. But it was all fine and now my other ovary seems to be healing from all the progesterone and thyroid I'm taking.

Did your cyst ever go away entirely? I'd be curious to know and how long it took......
Thanks for the info.!