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Cause behind random black body hairs?

+5 votes

Occasionally, on either arm, or a random spot on my back, I get random, thick, black, long, kinky hairs, that just seem to grow straight out.

Is this normal? Does this give any insight into my hormonal profile? Elevated DHT etc?

The hair on my head is thinning significantly.

asked Oct 29, 2013 by SeekSelfHumiliation

Interesting timing, as I was just looking at one of these hairs on my arm a day ago and wondering what causes it. I'll be interested to hear any theories about causes.

I'm also interested. Fwiw taking pregnenolone for a month or so, caused a lot of those to grow on my upper arms. Yuck

Glad to hear I'm not the only one. How's the hair on your head? Any MPB? And do you have a history of low carb or high PUFA dieting?

Well, I lost a lot of head hair when I was on preg. which I'm slowly getting back with lots of aspirin and some thyroid. I did low carb for 2 years before Peat but that ended 2 years ago so I dunno how relevant that might be.

That's interesting; I often hear people say that preg helps with hair. I too did low carb / zero sugar for 3 to 4 years beforehand. Feel like it's messed up my hormones completely. These weird black hairs are so ugly... Can't be normal.

I suspect it's either from high cortisol or estrogen.

Hmm.... this is so weird. I just started taking pregnenolone about 4 weeks ago, splitting a 100mg capsule into 7-8 doses at first and now down to 5 (so about 20mg) and I skip a day or two here and there. Just this week I started noticing what looked like more hair on my arms than I ever noticed before. I've always had fairly light arm hair, mostly just around my wrists, but there are definitely some new ones. I too have a bit thinning hair on top, but I shave lately so hard to tell what it's doing at the moment.

1 Answer

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Hair loss and kinky hair are both signs of unopposed androgens like DHT. The effects of DHT are kept in check by adequate progesterone (and a lack of inflammation), and I think it is this balance that seems to be affected.

Particularly in this community many of us are too sanguine about taking pregnenolone. Its effects in those with an insufficient metabolic rate are very similar to that of DHEA. And, just like DHEA it can paradoxically elevate estrogen following an increase in testosterone. Usually, what one is really after is raising progesterone besides the close metabolites of pregnenolone itself. But experience shows that the ratio of progesterone/estrogen is often adversely affected by taking anything more than a few milligrams of pregnenolone.

answered Oct 30, 2013 by marital_weeping

@mega-marital I didn't see big differences between Life Extension and Beyond a Century. And usually my reactions to certain supplements are somewhat inconsistent because of changing contexts. Both definitely increased my temperature, though. And increased cravings for traveling, going outside, ... That effect didn't disappear, but now I seem to have anxiety and violent thoughts too.

Btw what do you think of your Armour thyroid?

There's this letter from Peat about oral absorption of progesterone in tocopherol :
No data, but he gives somewhat of an idea.

From Dr. Lee's talk on progesterone :

"I found that it's very well absorbed through the skin, 40 to 70 times more efficiently, than if you take it by mouth. There are companies that are making progesterone pills. See, anybody that wants to can buy this progesterone on the wholesale market. Some people are putting it into pills. Well, I looked up some of the studies that have been done and the skin is 40-70 times more efficient. Which means, if I give somebody 10 or 20 milligrams by a little glob of the cream, and it's all absorbed, the doctor might then give the person 200-400 milligrams orally. Ten to twenty times greater, because when you take it orally, being fat soluble like Vitamin E, beta carotene, Vitamin A and so forth, it goes to the liver. The liver excretes it in bile, Metabolizes it, congregates it and binds it to bile and out it goes. So the person only ends up with about 5% of what you gave them. In the meantime you put the liver to all this extra work and you're creating artificial metabolites that aren't the same, you don't know what their function is. There's no reason not to use the skin. The skin is by far better."

Lee's explanation sounds a bit off to me, but I guess absorption is better through the skin or through the gums.

I switched to Armour from ERFA because I was struggling with estrogenic sides due to thyroid. Ray suggested that it could be an adverse reaction to ERFA and that I try Armour or cynoplus. (Besides, reading his correspondence with others it seems that he's not too fond of ERFA.) So i tried Armour, and I feel it is 'mellower' than the same dose of ERFA. The effects come on in a smoother manner, with no palpable feelings of pulse increase (throbbing), excessive sweating, etc. My pulse seems to race less when I exert myself, and so my 'endurance' -if you will, is also better. Nevertheless, both my pulse and temperatures have improved.

However, when I tried increasing my Armour dose from 2 to 3 grains I could feel estrogen rearing its ugly head once more. I feel that I am prone to becoming 'hyperthyroid' in a strange and limited sense.

Once again, great find regarding Ray's letter to JNMA. How do you do it?!

Oh that's strange! ERFA seems good for me right now, and I always liked its taste. Do you get Armour with a prescription or is there an online source?

http://www.antiaging-systems.com/ is my source. They actually stock several brands of thyroid.