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High pulse but low body temperature

My resting pulse is around 100-110. It has been that way since starting Peat almost a year ago. Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep it gets up to 120-140. I still feel completely relaxed, mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, I don't have the increased body temperature one would expect to go along with this pulse. It's getting cold outside again so I can really notice this. If I'm under a blanket I warm up easily. If I'm in heated car, the other people in it are complaining of being cold while I warm up quickly and easily.

In the summer my pulse was always around 80 and I was the "guy with really, really warm hands". It seems like my body can produce heat extremely efficiently when I'm in a warmer environment, but when it gets colder it just gives up. I'm mainly just talking about the extremities. My core feels warm but my hands are cold and dry now.

K I feel like I'm rambling so I'll stop. My first guess would be more salt but I'm already having 4-5 teaspoons a day. High pulse/low temp seems like adrenaline but I feel too relaxed.

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Has the feeling of relaxation increased since peating?


I notice the same things as you. High pulse but normal/slightly hypo temps. I can easily warm up which I think is a good sign and I usually don't get cold unless I am stressed out/after exercise/haven't eaten enough. Have you tried aspirin supplementation for this? I find it can really warm me up when I'm in a cold environment.

I also think this may be connected to Vitamin D for me. In the summer I got tons of sunshine and felt really good. But as it's getting colder, I'm spending more time indoors and undoubtedly losing vit. D.

cbar, how much aspirin do you take to warm up?

I've been playing with aspirin lately. Most I've taken is 650mg a day though, and not at the same time. A regular 325mg dose doesn't seem to do anything.

How much K should one take alongside that amount of aspirin?

What effects have you noticed with the aspirin?

I try to take a few mg of K per day (~5 drops of k2). Not sure how much is needed.

I've been taking about 2g (upper bound) of aspirin per day usually in the form 2-3 325mg tabs with each meal. Sometimes I take less, but I almost always take 2 tabs with my morning OJ.

I think Dewitt has mentioned for an average male, the optimum amount of aspirin is 1 1000mg dose (3, 325mg tabs) and then 600mg every 4 hours after. This comes out to about 3-3.5 grams a day. So I think you could experiment with as much as that. I know some cancer patients take 5g or more per day with good effects.

Also, I would recommend nose breathing as much as possible and just wearing a few extra layers of clothing - nothing wrong with that!

I'm a 105 lb female, so I don't think I'm gonna go quite that high on the dose ;)
But I do want to give it a shot. I can't up my calories any more and NDT hasn't made any difference in how cold I feel. I only ever breathe through my nose anyway (how does that make a difference anyway?).  

My main method for staying warm in the winter is having a really hot shower before heading out. When I'm moving it takes a very long time to lose that heat. Actually, this is also my method for getting great sleep. I only sleep well when the air is cold and fresh (ie/ open window), but I'm always before bed. I heat up in the shower, the covers trap that until I can gal asleep and then I sleep very well.

I think stress can cause that.

@phedre why cant you up your calories,according to your own saying?:)

Dutchiee: I'm already eating 2300-2600. I can't get any more than that down.

@Phedre it always amazes me,how people claim they cant eat more and i dont mean it as critique but general amazement and stunnedness bc i feel&fear that i can easily eat thousands of calories a day if id were able to stop f'ing around.

Have you ever tried? I have days when I feel like I could eat and eat and eat, but though I make no effort to ignore or overcome it in the end it still doesn't amount to more than 2600-3000 cal. If I have a few days like that, I'll then have a few days where, although I'm eating to satiety, it only ends up being 1800 cal. It balances out.

I think eating above your appetite for a little while will do wonders for your thyroid and metabolism.

I know, I already am. If I don't push myself I won't eat above 1800.

Unless we're talking about stuffing yourself. I only do that very rarely and it always results in bad digestion.

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"Anxiety, high blood pressure, panic attacks, a fast heart rate, and hypoglycemia can actually be symptoms of low thyroid levels. Thyroid lab results will show low levels of Free T3, Free T4, or both. The anxiety, tachycardia (fast heart rate), and high blood pressure these people experience is not from being hyperthyroid or overmedicated, but from noradrenaline that the body is secreting for energy to compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, they may be prescribed blood pressure medications (such as beta blockers) and/or anti-anxiety medications (such as benzodiazepenes). Neither of these pharmaceutical prescriptions corrects the low thyroid condition that caused the symptoms in the first place, and both have side effects. In one study, noradrenaline was three times higher in hypothyroid subjects than normal controls when lying down. [13] This may explain why my heart always felt like it was racing whenever I laid down--but couldn't fall asleep. I had RAI so cannot possibly be hyperthyroid unless I take an overdose of thyroid medication. When I was only taking ½ grain of desiccated thyroid and obviously undermedicated, my pulse was 100 and my BP was 170/100. Raising to 2 grains brought the pulse back into the 80s and BP down to about 130/80. This is completely counterintuitive, which is why it’s so difficult to understand. Thyroid and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) have an inverse relationship. [1- 4] In other words, as thyroid levels rise, norepinephrine decreases, and vice versa. Norepinephrine is one of the hormones involved in the “fight or flight response” that causes hyperarousal."

replied Oct 31, 2013 by jb4566

Excellent find!

My pulse is around 103-105 and I feel alright but my temp. won't get above the high 96 as well.

I'm only taking a 1/4 of a grain of thyroyd split into two 1/8ths.
Should I be worried about this?

replied Oct 25, 2013 by kringlecold

I contacted Peat and he believes it may be an allergic reaction to the thiroyd which is causing my pulse to stay high.

This is really interesting because I have a normal temperature at times (99F at rest being my highest this summer), and thyroid (NDT) has warmed my hands a bit (they used to be cold sometimes despite a good temperature). But this past week I've been exhausted and my pulse is 60 BPM now. Temp seems ok but haven't checked. So put me down as the opposite. I wonder why pulse+temp is so tricky! agh..

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