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Favorite Food/Peat Concoction?

What are your absoulute favorite foods (fruit, ice cream, fish, oysters, etc.) or food combos that fall under the Peat umbrella.  For me hands down, haagen dazs vanilla bean.
asked Jul 21, 2012 by Ryan
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13 Answers

My own ice cream that I make from cream, sugar, milk and eggs.
answered Dec 15, 2012 by fat cat

Rare beef roast (seasoned with extra salt, pepper, garlic) 

Chocolate mousse (gelatin, cocoa, sugar, milk)

Vodka and OJ

For those warm tummy feels.

answered Dec 22, 2012 by karl
Cottage cheese & baked sweet potato with butter + glass of sugared milk.  Good afternoon snack.
answered Jul 21, 2012 by cfrizzle88
2c milk

2 raw carrot

1 raw egg




All blended together in a vitamix, tastes like carrot cake smoothie.
answered Jul 29, 2012 by shaadoe

Good idea. I want to eat the daily carrot but find it too time consuming and a chore. I don't see why this way wouldn't work.

Ray Peat said (in one Herb Doctor show IIRC) that the carrot is effective only if it is chewed or shredded in long strips. Supposedly, if carrot fiber is too fine or cooked it is no longer "antiseptic".

^I believe that is correct, a food processor shredding it into fine strips so that it increases the surface area being the most effective. But this method does seem to be extremely effective for the tastebuds, and a good source of protein/ carbs! Nice

Coffee. Holy shit I have been missing out, I need to make up for lost time.
answered Dec 16, 2012 by chrisc
Definitely love my OJ with a pinch of salt.
answered Jul 21, 2012 by sebain
For the sake of variety, I would say that potatoes in coconut oil are great (but I eat them with salt and fruit).
answered Jul 21, 2012 by Roquefort
a platter of shrimp with a chocolate shake
answered Jul 21, 2012 by radiotomato

Pizza with orange juice.

answered Dec 15, 2012 by Kasra
edited Jul 1, 2013 by Kasra
Grilled cheese with butter on white bread
answered Dec 17, 2012 by Wisteria

Home made Panna cotta :goat milk, cream, sugar and gelatin

answered Mar 7, 2015 by MichaelJ

Two eggs fried in butter, bacon fried in coconut oil, a glass of milk, huge glass of juice, and coffee with generous amounts of cream and sugar. Best part of almost every day.

answered Mar 7, 2015 by Zach Shane