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Best quotes on Peatarian

We all like a good laugh. So why not laugh at other people's expense.

Here is some gems that I want to share with you lovely people. Some is funny. Some is just good shit.

"here is a company I just discovered. I bought Relief which I used last night. I woke up feeling great. After a few sprays I looked at Coach bags on Etsy, realizing I didn't have to buy new bags if I didn't want to."
- gretchen

"I was walking in the nature today, and smelled a lot of flowers, now my arthritis is gone and my Hashimotos is gone, also cysts in my breasts and ovaries miraculously disappeared."
- Lilly

I always imagined him sitting on his desk all day, with a women under it, sucking him off... Why would you think he's alone?
- Dewitt

Behead those who insult Bach Flower Essences.
- Lemonhead

sigh..... BFR cost about $14-17 per bottle. The ingredients are listed
on all the formulas, so you can make them yourself if you want. Many
of the formulas have testimonies....... True, lemonhead, I'm devoted
to these remedies.... because they WORK! LOL Negative emotions can't
just be talked away, they have to be PURGED!
- Gretchen

Danny Roddy imposes hipster tax on Ray Peat's work.

Does Danny even come here to share "his" "knowledge"?...or does he
like to stay up on his lofty high chair above the rest of us who like
to read Peat?
- reebee

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"I've seen OJ "enriched" with fish oil in grocery stores. Whenever I hear the word "enriched", I reach for my revolver." - Lemonhead

"bwahahahaha ... " - Alex

so you're the new Alex. welcome.


Gretchen you sound uptight. Maybe you need some cock remedy, some fingerbanging to that dusty pussy

I think thyroid would do the trick :) More than flower essences anyway.

@hereforthefreecake: Sounds like you're underfucked yourself.

You don't have a study to proof im underfucked? Dewitt, disappointed

Cake puts the rape in "ray peat"

Rape is such a harsh word, why not call it suprise sex?

"Danny Roddy imposes hipster tax on Ray Peat's work.

Does Danny even come here to share "his" "knowledge"?...or does he
like to stay up on his lofty high chair above the rest of us who like
to read Peat?
- reebee"

Best ones IMO.

THE Danny Roddy? No... it can't be!

Anyone here on peatarian could have written his books. Yes I have read one of them.

whoever voted hereforthefreecake down didn't understand his subtle humour.

Roddy: When can we expect The Dewitt Whisperer?

And more importantly: Will I get 10% of the earnings too?

you are all so rude, welcome Danny!

Dewitt: only if you put nude paintings on your upcoming website.

I would buy the Dewitt Whisperer

I wonder if that would sail through youth protection laws. I do photorealistic nude paintings in graphite. Would they be treated like a painting and be considered art, or would they be treated like a photograph and be considered pornography? I gotta look that up.

@Lilly: Thank you, I guess :D

@hereforthefreecake, You're right. The books are outdated, which is why I suggest people read my articles instead of purchasing them 100% of the time. Actively working on new (free) content/books.

@Lemonhead, soon!

@Dewitt, 11%

danny, are you a homosexual hipster? since you live in sanfran

I haven't read any of Danny's books, mostly because I don't think there'd be anything in them that I don't already know, but judging from his articles, the research that had to go into them and the connections he drew, I highly doubt that everyone on here would have been able to write his books. It also requires quite a bit of talent to put the science behind Peat's ideas into an easily digestible form. I couldn't do that myself. Just look at the article I wrote in the blog-section. That's far from easily digestible :D
On the other hand: 47$ for a 85-page book?! Fuck that.

The Relief spray is amazing for sleep. I recommend it. Now I'm thinking I might want to add Detox.

"I do photorealistic nude paintings in graphite."
Dewitt , you really are Ray!

Not at all! Peat does oil paintings (I think), I do graphite paintings - or rather drawings :P

drawings schmawings, don't lie, you Ray you.

But I'm so much younger than him! And I use models for my drawings while he doesn't! Or at least it looks like he doesn't.

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"I started smoking because of the health benefits." - Dewitt

answered Oct 7, 2013 by ilovethesea

This must be the best one. Interestingly, after reading his manifesto on therapeutic smoking, I bought a pipe and started smoking.

Lemonhead responds to some jerk telling him he's insane:

My brain scans suggest as much.

Dewitt responds to accusations that he is a clone of Peat:

But a genetically altered, much more handsome clone.


Either that or Peat has multiple personalities, pretends he's a young German, and argues with himself on the internet all day.


I wouldn't completely dismiss that idea...

Wheat and PUFAs grows as a person:

notice the date when I asked this, I have learned a lot since then.

"Yes I know Peat considers it a fatty fish" - No it is a fatty fish dumbass.

Kasra offers wisdom:

If it doesn't have much PUFA and it tastes yummy, put that shit in your tummy.

answered Oct 4, 2013 by Dan Wich

"I would never want to be in a relationship with a peatarian man. Based on the personalities of the men on the peat forums, peatarian men are effeminate, cowardly and moody. I am turned off by feminine features in men, like breasts and round behinds, and peatarian men seem to have lots of tits and a$$. It would damage my self esteem to be with a man whose breasts are larger than mine.
Also, I wouldn't want to be bothered with a man who needs to wear a hyperventilation mask or do bag breathing during sex because he is afraid of losing too much carbon dioxide. Sex with a peatarian man must be the most boring activity on the planet."
- IslandGirl

Instant classic.

answered Jan 15, 2014 by Dewitt

lol @ islandgirl

I'd rather jerk off than have sex with Islandgirl. Women with that type of personality ruin it, no matter what they look like.

I guess no man, either peatarian or pufa loving or vegan , likes bitchy and evil women.

I take it you have never heard of the term 'hatefuck'?

you mean rape? :)

No... I don't mean rape. I mean engaging in sexual activity with a woman whose personality you find loathsome, for the sake of demeaning her without actually hurting or violating her. The main difference from rape is that it happens on the basis of mutual consent and you usually wouldn't let the woman directly know that you are trying to demean her.

Also, men are fucked up.

of course I did not mean rape, I am not that hypothyroid:D

Dan Wich's comment on the Ray Peat T-Shirt:
"The little tag with washing instructions needs to be a tab of LSD."

WrxSTI comments on the claim that sugar is an addictive drug:
"Wow, kill them. Kill them ALL. With FIRE."

Comments on the Buteyko Health Zones:
Bryan: "WHAT OTHER EFFECTS? I imagine; "Oh, and you can fly sometimes. Whatever, I don't need to include that.""
Mosaic: "Flying is so 40 seconds CP."
radiotomato: "At 180+ CP, you can sneeze with your eyes open, lick your elbows, and you will be given a front-row seat in the woods to see the pope and a bear, holding hands, taking a shit."
Bryan: "That's nothing; a CP of a 1,000 gives you month long orgasms. And a CP of 1,200 gives you rainbow breath - AMONG OTHER THINGS."

Nograde on transdermal magnesium chloride:
"Boys and girls, for gods sake, SPARE YOUR NIPPLES!

answered Oct 4, 2013 by Dewitt

"Hey Satan (I did not expect to ever type that phrase)..." - Dan Wich

answered Oct 4, 2013 by ilovethesea

Alex offers sensible advice to a man in need:

"You have reached what I reached Khaganate.. you are gonna die stupid
by bad advice. In reality you should just turn around and die.. life
doesnt want people who give up like this... I didnt give up and
neither should you. man the fok up and beat somebody stupid

I know im gonna get banned again by bruno and his police force.. but I
know you gonna recieve my message in your email khaganate .. IF you
have reached the cliff now and are about to give up .. Give me a text
on skype @ alechr2 and ill show you how to turn into hulk.

thank fok for proxy servers bruno and no you will never ever get rid
of me ... later noobs"

answered Oct 7, 2013 by Kasra

Loved that one. I miss him.

"football, did you say, football" - dilbert 2

answered Oct 4, 2013 by Satan

"I have listened to interviews where Peat has recommended milk and orange juice as the only two food items necessary for a diet. You are trying to claim that milk and orange juice are not the foundation of his diet. If Ray Peat recommends orange juice and milk to someone, then that is a Peat diet." - IslandGirl

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"Just because of that comment I'd totally F you. See how easy it is? There you go, someone had to say, so it might as well be a semi-drunk biochemist." - Dewitt

answered Oct 9, 2013 by Nemesis

Whaaat... where did he say that? I can't find it :D

"Everyone else is just confused because I'm drinking sugary drinks and smoking while going to the gym. They think I'm joking when I say I eat healthy :'(" - himitsu

answered Nov 11, 2013 by ilovethesea

"Concentration is the ROOT of all the higher abilities in man."


answered Oct 7, 2013 by pranarupa

"For mind, for body, for mind and body alike -- alike! -- there is, there is, there is no purgative, no purgative like Pranayama -- Pranayama! -- Pranayama! yea, for mind and body alike there is no purgative, no purgative, no purgative (for mind and body alike!) no purgative, purgative purgative like Pranayama, no purgative for mind and body alike, like Pranayama, like Pranayama, like Prana -- Prana -- Prana -- Prana -- Pranayama! -- Pranayama!"


Emotional does not always = physical. my thyroid stuff is all karmic- my emotions have nothing to do with it. -Gretchen

answered Oct 13, 2013 by Nemesis

"Most people stress me out, at least after a while. I'm not really a social person. And I get easily annoyed by chit-chat. I deal with it by avoiding people whenever I can." - Dewitt

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dewitt is so rocking the introvert look

chit chat is just a waste of energy imho

being social isn't

I love this quote by Dewitt because I relate to it so much.

Again, Dewitt expressed my thoughts. Exactly.