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random center chest pains and pinches

I don't what this is but I've been getting pinches and sharp pains around my chest area. It sometimes happens after I've eaten a lot. Also I've been having terrible headaches lately and I never generally get those.

I don't know what this but because I'm in between doctor appointments I'd like to know I'm not on the verge of a heart attack. Could this be the thyroid I'm supp. clearing things out or something like that?


asked Oct 2, 2013 by kringlecold

I seem to be getting things like this now occasionally as well. I'm not sure if I can link it to the thiroyd supp but they're not serious enough for me to worry about them yet, as I can chalk them up to those "phantom" pains that we all randomly get. I'll keep an eye on it however.

When I used cynomel, I did get rather scary chest pains, scary enough to warrant me quitting it...

Huh. Yesterday they were pretty bad. I'm also only taking 1/8th or 1/16th of the stuff.

I had no chest pains on cynomel..... but I don't think it worked very well. Cynoplus rocks! If I can find a good NDT without a prescription, I'm going to look into that too.

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I get them too often. It gets better when I take more calcium

answered Oct 2, 2013 by Nemesis

That's odd as I've upped my milk intake to 3qts. daily.


Is it possible that you are not getting enough magnesium?

Three quarts of milk is lot of calcium. Magnesium is necessary for the heart muscles to relax and maybe your heart is being too constricted by excess calcium.

Also, do you think you are ingesting too much salt?
Sodium also has to be balanced with potassium for proper muscle relaxation and the heart is a muscle.


I'm not sure about adding more magnesium in as when I have through skin application of transdermal magnesium I've experienced heart palpitations and panic attacks. Dewitt mentioned that this can happen as the magnesium gets processed I believed.

I drink two quarts of OJ each day spo shouldn't that cover potassium. My salt comes mainly from my milk that I salt but I don't add much more than 2400 mg. per gallon, is that too much?
From what I've read on here that is a trifling amount.

I'll continue to experiment though, thanks for the direction.

^ You can try mixing some espresso into your 3 qts. of milk. Today I've had about 12 oz. of espresso - according to Cronometer, 12 oz.'s has 288 mgs. of Magnesium. Add some cocoa for a Mocha and you'll get even more. I almost always drink my milk with coffee. The milk keeps me from getting the jitters or upset stomach.

I don't think that is too much sodium.
So you drink five quarts of liquid per day?
I myself need about 1/4 tsp of sodium per 8 oz of milk or juice so I actually ingest about 24000mg sodium per quart of milk. I am not saying that you should do the same though. If you are drinking that much juice you are getting a lot of potassium.

Maybe you should take lecomer's advice about increasing magnesium with espresso and cocoa if you like those foods.

Also, maybe this is just part of the initial adjustment to thyroid hormone and the changes in your diet.

Hope you find a solution soon.

Thanks. I still can't believe myself that I drink so many liquids. The magnesium idea sounds best so far. I'm just going to run and grab some instant espresso for it. Thanks.

Kringlecold: I would also like to say, don't be so keen to just rush into things. When I first started the "Peatarian" diet (which really is not his diet, just things he's recommended at one point or another), I did it under a nutritionist and I decided early on I was not going to drink quarts of Milk or Orange Juice (which she didn't recommend I do). I just can't drink that much if I don't want to. So, I try to get as much milk as I can (usually 24 to 32 oz.) - OJ is secondary to good fruits (unless I'm craving it, which happens when my body wants the potassium). And if I don't feel right in what I'm doing, I adjust. Also, if you are not afraid of fat, don't forget good cheese! It has far less liquid and is salty and delicious :) I am going to agree with IslandGirl (although she may have said it in a previous thread) that overdoing liquids is not always great for the hypothyroid person. I feel a legitimate difference in how I feel when I don't flood my body. Start slow and gradually work your way to what you find works well FOR YOU. And listen to your cravings. Cheers :)


I agree with lecomer again.

Why don't you at least drop down to only two quarts of milk and one quart of juice and try to make up the caloric and nutritional differences with less watery foods. Some people just can't handle lots of liquid every single day.

Do you like dried fruit? Maybe you can substitute some dried fruit (like raisins or dates) and cheese for some of the juice and milk.

Why do you think you need so much milk? If you are drinking milk for protein, is it possible to get protein from gelatin, eggs or small servings of meat?

Also, I know this is not Peat approved, but have you considered adding powdered milk to your regular milk in order to reduce the liquid.

@kringlecold if you cant handle that much liquid but want/need the oj,you could maybe try making jello out of it?
Also if you. use pickling salt,maybe think about switching it for unrefined seasalt?thats got magnesium left in it,more than himalayan salt. Shrimp has also magnesium.


Have you considered orange juice concentrate? Using a concentrate would allow you to get the nutrition of the juice with much less water. You could even mix the juice concentrate with your milk and even further reduce water content.

I am with lecomer and Island Girl, try reduce liquid and see how you feel .Do you get enough magnesium?

I can do cheese and I will, sorry for being stubborn. I can also look into OJ concentrate. OJ gummies sound very doable.

Today I contacted Peat and he replied:"Many years ago I used a little MgCl in my soup a few times, and was getting migraine headaches. Later, I found that it had sensitized me to other forms of magnesium. I suspect that it's contributing to intestinal sensitivities, that get worse when blood sugar declines at night."

The issue I think all ties back to magnesium deficiency. I'm going to try glycinate.

I have always had them under my left nipple. What helps me is "peat" levels of salt, and bag breathing. Bag breathing almost immediately stops the pain for me! Too much coffee or Cynomel also elicits this problem.

answered Oct 2, 2013 by Vince

About too many liquids...

When I was younger I drank a lot of milk all the time and ate copious amounts of dairy. I'm Polish, I've never had any issue with dairy.
Following years of SAD and low carb, combined with very strenuous exercise, I became lactose intolerant.
I started reading Peats' stuff and I added milk back in and would bloat up for hours and suffer other problems including brain fog and headache.
After a while I started using lactose free milk post-workout and it helped, I kept on with all those cyclical pains following milk consumption with the idea I would be getting better, not once did I stop to think this might not be for me.
I kept on and switched to raw milk and felt much better, when I started adding cynomel and cynoplus into my diet, 8 months after starting,I could now drink as much milk as I wanted, just as I could when I was a kid again and I felt amazing. I wasn't really eating raw carrots then either.
It was only after an aspirin overdose that I've had some or any difficulty digesting milk.

I understand a lot of people won't be willing to just bludgeon through until their body adapts to something that makes them feel bad, but I did and it worked. I love the ease of liquids and all that. Starch makes me have to sit down and discontinue being active for the time it take's to digest and I don't like that.

I hat etransdermal magnesium, I was up all night with awful brain achesthat I get from processing that stuff. I need to find a better form of magnesium to supplement maybe, besides espresso. Putting it on my skin around my chest did seem to make the pain go away though. I also drank a 1/4 tsp. of mortons no salt potassium-gross- so that could have done something as well.

Vince, I'm adding bag breathing back in. I've done it everyday a few times for a minute or two a piece for several months now and while have felt increased warmth throughout my body I couldn't ascribe any specific and obvious improvements to it.
It does help with panic a little.

Also, something new and weird, at night I've mentioned my feet get extremely cold while my hands stay fine, yesterday while lying down I felt a weird involuntary twitching coming on from below my hips. What could that be?sigh

I use magnesium tablets, is that ok too? I think the pain thing has to be some kind of aortic or vagal spasm (I remember having such bad GERD that my sternum felt like it was broken, and a whole fiber of my left pectoral muscle was constantly contracted) because when I feel a physical relaxation (bag breathing, glass of wine, etc) the pain tends to disappear. Hyperventilating makes it much worse!

As for your hips, you might be getting restless legs... I get it if I do interval training before sleeping. Sweet and salty gelatin seems to cure it, though.