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My face feels like this.

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In a study where developmental defects were induced in tadpoles, by manipulating the embryonic voltage gradients that guide craniofacial patterning, displacing jaws and branchial arches, subsequent development was able to adjust and reshape to correct these perturbations.

Normalized shape and location of perturbed craniofacial structures in the Xenopus tadpole reveal an innate ability to achieve correct morphology

answered Oct 16, 2013 by pranarupa

Do you think that study has any relevance for grown up adults?

yes, if they are aware.

You mean awareness changes the voltage gradients that guide craniofacial patterning even in adults?

I think so, awareness and appropriate orientation, or as a religious nutter might phrase it...
... a change of spirit, Spirit being the organising principle.

I skimmed the article. Implication seems to be that ... a certain "something" ... can rectify a wonky tadpole face that has been tinkered with.

A fact that could have troublesome implications for someone committed to a rigorous materialistic worldview, no?

I think SSRI's might cause nerve tension that could manifest like symptoms you have. I even heard some doctors prescribing diazepam ( or similar) together with the SSRi to counteract that side effect. I don't have any relevant link or article to back this up, but I have had a similar experience a long time when I was prescribed with SSRi, I literally experienced momentarily paralysis, I was sitting down and couldn't get up, or I couldn't move my arms. That led me to quitting taking it after only few weeks. Luckily, that was one of the good decisions I made:)

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