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What causes you stress.....

..... and how do you deal with it?
I'll start - right now, it's my thesis. I'm stressed by the boredom of it (I think I read too much). What stresses you out and how do you motivate yourself to keep on truckin' when things that once fascinated you now make you want to pull your hair out?
Once upon a time, I wanted to get my PhD.....

asked Aug 21, 2013 by Lindsay

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People who can't comprehend why others could possibly think and live differently than them.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by Bryan

What about those who do and are still intolerant in certain respects?

They're worse I guess?

Polyunsaturated fats and estrogenic substances.

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Anon

yes, they cause me stress too..... anything else cause you stress? what about in life?


is your response that women cause you stress, or my comment ;)

the question above is way too hard. i'm way too stressed now.

well if it makes you feel any better, men stress me out (as do other women).

I'm too indolent to know what my answer to this would be.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by Lemonhead

"when things that once fascinated you now make you want to pull your hair out" - It doesn't matter if you once enjoyed whatever it was, it you don't enjoy it anymore then you have to accept that and move on. don't lie to yourself. be honest with yourself. i get it, its tough sometimes because in western society we are forced to have to work for money, its not like living in a small village with all of your family in a happy safe environment like what we are used to evolution wise which is why we get stressed. But if you don't have a trust fund or rich parents in which case I've seen plenty of people say that they are bored because they don't have to work to survive. when the fire is not lit up under your ass just to survive and pay rent and buy food then people will naturally be lazy and say that thy are bored. if i had rich parents i would use that money to travel the world but even then i would still have to have a passion besides traveling in which case i would probably do serious nutrition research. like put up my own money to do studies and experiments. why? because i am passionate about nutrition. i have other passions too. theres no excuse to be bored, your time is limited, and time doesn't care about you. your around 31 years old now, the next 30 years are gonna go by even faster than the first. the question is are you going to be satisfied with what you've done with your life. it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, as long as your honest with yourself and you know what you want to do and what you did is all that really matters. "and how do you deal with it?" cut out all negative people, if you have to be forced to live and work with them then change that. if you have negative family members then just try to avoid them AMAP. That causes stress, having to deal with fucking idiots. but if you make your life to where you don't have to deal with the immediate idiots than that will cut stress, but you will still run into the idiots anywhere else you go it just wont be as bad as friends/family. if you don't have a passion you have to find one as soon as you can figure out it is because time is always moving forward, the sooner you figure it out the sooner you start the process of making that your life. the more you delay it, the more time that goes by and you never get anywhere.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by Westside PUFAs
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First of all, I wish I was a trust fund baby! But nope - I'm self-employed and wish I made more money, but don't want the stress of a full time job right now (unless it's doing what I want).
Second of all, I have to finish whether I'm bored, I know, so that I can move on with my life and not feel like I wasted a year of time and money and long-distance relationships for nothing.
Thirdly, I will always feel a responsibility to certain people (like family) whether they stress me out or not, and usually they do.
Thanks for the motivation. Unfortunately, I have more distractions here in the US - if I could have done what I wanted and stayed in Russia an extra semester, I would have finished my thesis over a year ago.....

lecomer My sister likes to write, but she says there is always this point in a long involved writing project where she gets tired of it for a while, maybe because it's just a part of the writing process she doesn't like. Anyway, maybe you just have to push your way through until it gets better. Is there any way you could change the focus a little to where it is more interesting to you? Something that would inject new life into the project?

W&Ps Boredom can be a symptom of mild to moderate depression aka hypothyroid or maybe low progesterone.

@Sarah: I wish I could change my whole thesis idea. I was inspired to research corruption when a Belorussian friend of mine relayed some interesting stories regarding business practices and private security/mafia. I've read so much, the topic is not interesting anymore (like it once was). If I could change it this late in the game, I'd write about people with disabilities in Russia (it's very social & political), but I'm too far to do a 180 - I just need to finish.

Well, at least doing this thesis led you to something that is interesting to you. Maybe you're a little like my sister and probably lots of people. At a certain point in a project, you just have to put it all together and finish, and maybe that just isn't the part you enjoy. So, you just have to get it done. Of course, maybe there was just too much lag time, so you couldn't finish while you were still wrapped up in it. Probably, artists doing paintings or sculptures are that way.

Most people stress me out, at least after a while. I'm not really a social person. And I get easily annoyed by chit-chat. I deal with it by avoiding people whenever I can.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by Dewitt

I like people in other cultures much better than my own..... then again, Americans can be very obnoxious..... I only like to shop online so I can avoid malls and being out in public. However, when I'm in another culture, I like going out and observing.

on a side note, I just gave my dog a bowl of whole milk with some sugar/salt syrup I made..... he lapped the whole bowl up - it was like Christmas! I'm hoping he digests it okay :P

If he doesn't digest it well, you can always try goat milk or even better, lactose-free milk.

Yeah malls are the worst for me. All of the worst parts of western culture in one convenient place.

Malls used to be a major panic attack trigger for me. No fast exits for one thing. Too glitzy for another. Unnatural lighting, too. Not to mention all those toxic fumes from new stuff.

Do malls have any redeeming qualities?

If they have skylights and lots of plants, that's nice. That's about it.

@dewitt, "I'm not really a social person. And I get easily annoyed by chit-chat. I deal with it by avoiding people whenever I can." - You and I are very similar in this context.

I get stressed out over money. I suspect a lot of us here don't have or want "normal" office jobs. I do think being self-employed is less stressful in many ways, but it is also very feast or famine in terms of income so I worry about that a lot.

The other thing I get very stressed about is my ability to get NDT. I will be dependent on thyroid for the rest of my life and I've had so many struggles with doctors not wanting to give me enough of it that there is always worry in the back of my mind about not having my medication.

I don't really know how to get around these problems!

As for lack of motivation... I think those feelings are very common with writing. I'm a huge procrastinator when I don't want to do something. I have to shut myself off from the world, no music, no internet, no people, nothing, and drink a ton of caffeine in order to focus. I don't know how long it takes to write a thesis but usually I will power through whatever I have to write for as long as it takes - working every day for 2, 3 days, whatever - to get it done instead of trying to do it in little chunks over several weeks. Also, my brain is better in the mornings - by mid afternoon I'm not as sharp.

Then again, what is the worst thing that could happen if you just decided not to do it? If there is no point at all to your life as it is now, maybe you just need to see it as a sunk cost and invest your time/energy into something you are actually interested in and which would be useful for your future.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by ilovethesea

Yeah I get stressed about not being able to get NDT as well. I feel like regulations on supplements are getting tighter and who knows how totalitarian the US gov will be in the future. I'm considering saving some money and buying a huge supply.

@lecomer, Do you having funding for the program you are in? I have heard of some people getting their adviser to cut funding so they feel pressured to finish. This actually has worked really well for some people.

Edit: I just realize that what I wrote about NDT might have been stress promoting! my bad, it is still true though.

jb4566, are you based in the US? Do you get your NDT from there or Mexico? I am in Canada and take Erfa which is a Canadian brand but you'd think it was illegal, the way they are so reluctant to give it to you. Even the pharmacy doesn't keep it in stock when I do manage to get a prescription.

My back up source for now is my naturopath who I never really see anymore (since I think she's wrong on most things) but she does sell compounded thyroid from her clinic. Unfortunately it's triple the price of the Erfa. I was thinking if my doctor won't let me take the amount I want I'll secretly just add more of the compounded thyroid on my own. I'm not hopeful that I will find a Peatish doctor to work with although that is another project, to find a new one.

I have thought about stockpiling NDT as well but it's impossible for me to do so with my prescription as she'll only ever give me enough for 2-3 months at a time. I might just bite the bullet and get a bunch of Cynoplus from Mexico, even though it's different to what I'm taking now.

I have the same worries about the US gov. I can see the availability of NDT being even more scarce in the future :(

Arent there any Chek practitioners where you live?bc most of them seem really influenced by rays work,so maybe you can work out a deal with them for your meds?

@jb4566: I paid for my first semester myself and then got student loan aid for my second semester. no real funding and I'm paying it all back with interest. half the reason I chose to study in Russia was that the cost per year was about a quarter of what one year of a Master's program here in the US would cost. the problem with finishing, in part, has to do with the Russian mentality. they have a bad work ethic and we know they don't really care if we pass things in late. if I had known that and I would have been penalized, I would have finished ages ago. unfortunately, I need deadlines to keep me motivated.

@ Ilovethesea,

I get my NDT from thailand, it works well, message me if you want a link to purchase it.

I'm a 23-year-old freelance filmmaker, and the world is full of stress to me. As I ultimately want to write and direct my own fiction, having to shoot wedding videos and corporate crap to make ends meet makes me wonder whether I'll have the time and finance to pursue my real goals. I'm going round in circles.

On top of that, I find that having an innate sense of stress and conflict benefits my writing immensely, even if it's taking its toll on my health. Writing from experience means I'm constantly looking for the stress and conflict in my own life, and often I find I'm inventing obstacles for myself without realising it.

Finally, I was bullied when I was younger, which explains my inferiority complex and mild paranoia. In my head, everyone's always much bigger, stronger and better looking than I am. I have a hard time learning to trust the most decent of people and the most beautiful of women. Things got worse when I decided to go zero sugar as the stress began five years ago, which made me bald, puffy, and slow, as well as kickstarting my high cortisol and prolactin cycle.

Thank god for my girlfriend and Ray Peat. I have someone I can confide in, and someone to tell me it's alright to get pumped on sugar and coffee if it makes me feel better.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by SeekSelfHumiliation

I sound like I've written a CV or a cheap testimonial. Shit.

I'm a photographer and used to shoot weddings to bring in the money (in fact, I'm starting to again)..... know exactly how that feels. I hate weddings. So then I went back to school and am trying to finish my degree in Russian studies (mostly Russian politics/economics) and in that whole process, I realized I wanted to be a photographer :P But I'm focusing on travel and photojournalism now instead.

Trusting beautiful women is generally a bad idea.

SSHumiliation, maybe you can gather useful knowledge about people from the weddings and the corporate stuff.

Make a ray peat documentary

good one:)

I second jb4566's idea! The public could really use a good documentary about the PUFA industry.

Stress is normal. It's normal to be bored and to want to change your life.

I find Bach flower essences useful for "jumpstarting" my emotions, which tend to be clogged much of the time. They are especially good to take when you are busy and short on time- just take a few drops and you will start to get ideas about how to cope or what to do next. If you are really tired or fatigued, you might start with Olive.

Or maybe try a mixture for burnout.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by darth mall

Bach flower essences do not have a greater effect than a placebo in every single study I read about them.

Bach Flower Essences are the true key to health.

...for the people that sell them, so they have money to buy real medicine :)

Insomnia. after sleeping only 3 hours, waking up and cannot go back to sleep again, getting frustrated, year after, year, it kind of can easily lead to suicide.

answered Aug 24, 2013 by Nemesis

yeah - insomnia is terrible. I've had trouble sleeping lately. If I don't completely exhaust myself during the day, finding good rest is difficult at night. I've tried taking t3 before bed, but it doesn't help. have you tried the milk, gelatin & sugar/honey method? i hear it works, but i never want milk before bed :P

Do you have something like great lakes gelatin and consume some, say 15 grams, every day? I found that helpful.

eat a lot of ice cream before bed

I added powdered gelatin to my diet few days ago since gelatinous soup wasn't enough for me, but I think it is not a very clean one, it's store bought. Is it possible to order Great Lakes trough Europian union customs?

the feeling of stress stresses me out?

i get stressed when things are not in order....mild OCD.

my passions, oddly, stress me out to a degree too. wanting to know and understand everything...

drinking a Coke often helps....

answered Aug 25, 2013 by Nicholas
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