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Canker Sores in Mouth

I had a lot more sugar than usual in the past few days and developed a canker sore in my mouth. I was always told these were caused by eating too much sugar, is that true or is it a sign of some other imbalance? Any suggestions for a cure? I feel like it's not healing because I keep having fruit/fruit juice and then the vinegar in the carrot salad... these make it sting.

created Aug 5, 2013 by ilovethesea

I used to get them during times of stress. Now I usually only get them if I accidentally bite my lips when chewing and irritate it with acidic foods. I always found gargling with salt water (luke warm) helped get rid of them quickly - it stings a little but works well. I don't think there's any direct known cause for them, other than they are an immune response.

Canker sores/mouth ulcers went away completely for approx. 1.5 years whilst i was on a ketogenic diet. They returned pretty much immediately on peating so there could be a connection with sugar. Id forgotten how annoying they are.

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Gargling or applying cotton swab soaked in peroxide helps me a lot. Salt water too. When I get canker sores I try to supp with b complex. I think mine are caused by b vitamin imbalance or deficiency. Anyway they usually go away after a day or so of bcomplex.

replied Aug 5, 2013 by Honeybee

I have been suffering with these for many years.... I have noticed its almost always related to something I am eating.... I actually was just getting them quite frequently and actually posted a similar thread... I have switched my brand of coffee and have not gotten one in months...

replied Aug 6, 2013 by animal

I had problems with canker sores for a long time. Getting B12 shots after being diagnosed with very low B12 levels and switching to an alternative tooth paste that doesn't have many tensides (like sodium laureth sulfate and others) helped tremendously.

replied Aug 6, 2013 by Bukowski

I have had one the last 10 days or so. Is it from a nutrient deficiency? I take B vitamins daily and also frequently eat sugar. I gargled with baking soda which brought it down some.

replied Oct 4, 2013 by darth mall

Putting some honey on it and taking some aspirin seems to help somewhat.