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What to do for Chronic Sinus Infections?

I have suffered from chronic sinus inflammation for the past couple years. I recently had surgery to correct a deviated septum, however, the pressure in my head has returned and I am concerned I may have another infection. My doctor now wants me to have a CT scan and put me on prednisone. Are there any recommendations that you can give me? I want to avoid the radiation from the CT scan and I also wanted to know if prednisone is safe. I am so scared because I have a tendency to get sphenoid sinus infections which i understand are the most dangerous. what should i do!!! please any advice would be much appreciated!

asked Aug 3, 2013 by bflay1832

Do you have the medical report from your surgery? What does the ENT doc say? Sometimes there is some kind of anatomical problem, when the mucus can't be released from the sinus because the opening is too small. When this small opening clogs due to repeated inflammation you'll have problems over and over again. Making the opening a bit wider helps in this case.

Remark: The above is only meant when all less invasive strategies have failed.

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Both CT scans and prednisone are very unsafe. You should try aspirin (1.000mg) and niacinamide (1.000mg) first and see how that goes. You can safely increase the aspirin and niacinamide dose to 3.000mg each if needed, at least in the short-term. Usually, that works out great for sinusitis, even the chronic one.

It's a dangerous condition, but you should be fine even if it takes a few weeks to heal it. I would also suggest you write a mail to peat himself. He surely has some suggestions for you.

answered Aug 3, 2013 by Dewitt

thank you...and God bless you.

Breathe less.

Start watching your breath, and work on reducing respiratory rate and volume.
You should only be breathing through your nose, if this is difficult try something like this:
how to unblock a blocked nose

As you reduce your breathing co2 will increase, reducing inflammation, opening airways, thinning mucus, improving immune function.

answered Aug 4, 2013 by pranarupa

it actually worked, but it gets congested again and again. I'l continue and update.

if you watch your breath continually, it should naturally reduce, increasing co2 and preventing congestion.
Some Buteyko practitioners recommend people tape their mouths closed when they go to sleep to prevent mouth breathing, I haven't tried this, I think its recommended for a period of a few weeks at least to retrain people, apparently some people carry on doing this indefinitely.

I'd be scared to death by taping my mouth.

I have had terrible sinuses for years. Although I have found original brand sudafed to help greatly, I am trying to get off of it because it is not the best option, as I'm coming to learn.

More holistic things that helped - the netty pot. This is really great for clearing out your sinuses, but it has to be done very carefully (distilled water and pure salt) and if you have severe congestion, it can be very painful at first. I started by doing it three times per day until I felt genuine relief, then continued it once per day. I haven't used it in years (due to laziness on my part), but it's effective.
Saline nasal spray also helps with regular usage.
A new product I am trying (and would love opinions on...... Dewitt?) is Xlear. I haven't taken a sudafed in two days and the Xlear seems to work just as effectively. Normally after two days without sudafed, I start getting loopy:

answered Aug 4, 2013 by Lindsay

I've found that a neti pot is far more effective with the addition of a little baby shampoo. It makes the water wetter, and more able to clear out all the purulent mucus pooling up back there.

Another thing that helps is taking N-acetyl cysteine, which has some sort of effect on mucus making the biofilm less sticky.

But you've already had surgery. And surgery begets more surgery. I'd definitely ask the ENT about doing soapy netis before proceeding.

I got rid of cronic sinusitis and congested nose simply by totally cutting gluten.

answered Aug 11, 2013 by Nemesis