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OK to Take Aspirin on an Empty Stomach?

Just wondering if it's OK to take aspirin on an empty stomach, or if it should always be with food?

I take it dissolved in water.

created Jul 27, 2013 by Orangey

I always separate the starch from the salicylic acid and drink it often with some oj.

Personally I think it is a good idea to take any drug with food just in case. The only exception being a substance that needs to be rapidly absorbed.

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Self-experimentation is king. Grind down an aspirin tablet to a powder and rub it on the inside of your cheeks. If it irritates the mucous membrane of your cheeks, it will probably irritate the mucuous membrane of your stomach and should be taken with food. Whole fruits are good. Protein-rich meals will acidify your stomach, making it easier for the aspirin to dissolve. Acidic beverages are also good for this. Even carbonated water is acidic enough for that effect to take place. It's important to not have anything salty with the aspirin, as salt temporarily damages the stomach lining. Of course, taking the aspirin together with mucin would be the safest method.

replied Jul 27, 2013 by Dewitt


"When small animals were given a milliliter of a saturated salt solution with the carcinogen, the number of tumors was increased with the salt. However, when the salt was given with mucin, it had no cancer promoting effect. Since the large amount of a saturated salt solution breaks down the stomach’s protective mucus coating, the stomach cells were not protected from the carcinogen. Rather than showing that salt causes stomach cancer, the experiments showed that a cup or more of saturated salt solution, or several ounces of pure salt, shouldn’t be ingested at the same time as a strong carcinogen."

Good info Dewitt, thanks.

When you say "whole fruit" do you mean actual fruit rather than fruit juices? If so, why not fruit juices?

Yes, I mean whole fruits rather than fruit juices. I think the fiber could be protective against the irritation of aspirin. Altough I don't have any evidence for that.