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Are Low-Fat Diets Healthy?

Is a moderate low fat diet healthy? By low fat i'm talking 40-60g of fat daily?
Is this the amount of peat is recommending?
asked Jun 11, 2012 by anonymous
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3 Answers

It's fine, you could even go lower imo
answered Jun 11, 2012 by Cliff

I been getting around 40-60.... I have heard that you should get at least LBM x .4 for optimal hormone production... possibly some people can go as low as .3

answered May 22, 2013 by animal
I think as long as its dairy fat theres really no limit...its just a matter of utilization. As long as I have enough minerals, sugar, protein, and am almost seems like the more dairy fat the better (to me at least) I try to balance the ratio's that would be in whole milk and it works out
almost all my fat comes from icecream or coconut oil or skim milk...
occassioanly it comes from chicken, nuts (brazil or mac.) olive oil but not nuch
None of your fat comes from skim milk because it has no fat by definition.
It's 1% milk
After summer ill prolly switch to whole raw milk
What are the units in "LBM x .4"?
Do you mean Lean Body Mass (LBM) is in pounds, and "0.4" is in (grams of fat daily)/pound?
From what I read.... Not sure how accurate it is.. but
if a male weighs 200lbs and has 10% bodyfat...
He has a LBM = 180lbs

180 X .4 =  72grams of fat daily to maintain proper hormone balance..
he could do .3 for a short time (fat loss)
180 x .3 =  54g of fat daily would be minimum for hormone production

I believe women should be slightly higher at .4 - .5