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What's Your Favorite Peatarian Meal?

My favorite peatarian meal is Coke and Cheese or Cheese and Coke. They're like best friends. They make an easy snack or a very happy meal. I'm glad I found them.

What's your favorite peatarian (i. e. high metabolism) meal?

asked Jun 20, 2013 by John Eels
This is my favorite as well, along with some gluten free crackers and mustard to dip the cheese in.
What's Peat's take on mustard?
I think most of the ingredients are safe.  He's cool with vinegar in the carrot salad.  He maybe wouldn't like the spices.  Oh well.
I always liked ketchup as dipping sauce for cheese:)
I noticed that too. Ketchup and cheese go well together.

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... Aw yisss...

Also for breakfast: cottage cheese with cooked apples and honey drizzled on top. Best breakfast ever!

answered Jun 22, 2013 by anonymous
selected Jun 22, 2013 by John Eels
Is that grilled shrimp?cant see it correctly.

Btw,where are you from in Belgium?studied there for a while:) though your last name sounds more Greek.
Try cottage cheese+mandarines+sugar+1 or 2 Tbsp of sour cream. Yum!
I eat cottage cheese with salt and green chili sugar mixed in.
Yup, it is! I actually had it for lunch today. :D /shrimpaddict
I'm from Limburg, I live pretty close to Maastricht, about 9 km! Where did you study? And yes, I'm half Belgian, half Greek. My grandparents immigrated to Belgium a long time ago to work in the mines here.

@Elka: Sounds delicious! Do you use canned mandarines or fresh mandarines?

@NoMilk: I definitely want to try green chili sugar now. :D
I use fresh and cut each clove in 2 pieces to get some juice out. I also used to  put banana in - creates the best combo with mandarines.
Back in my bread days, i used to eat.  Cottage cheese with slices of yellow kiwi and some chives on my bread,turns out it is also good witout bread;)
What a coincidence! I live in limburg too the dutch part amd close to maastricht also. I studied in Genk for a while and occasionally when i go to the movies,i prefer to go in Maasmechelen very nice theater
@Elka: I used to eat yogurt with pieces of orange and banana for breakfast, liked the fresh citrus taste combined with the sweet mellowness of the banana as well!

@Dutchiee: I absolutely LOVE yellow kiwi! Man, I could live on those. And awesome! :D My dad used to live in Waterschei, I basically grew up there. What did you study in Genk? I only went once to the movie theater in Maasmechelen, but I agree, it's nice there! I also love mountainbiking in Maasmechelen, the woods there are awesome! Do you visit Maastricht often? I always get my 'unconvential' groceries at the Amazing Oriental. Coconut oil, oysters, fresh dates, ginger candies, ... Love it there. And it's just a nice city in general of course!
A couple of years ago I actually studied in Maastricht,but I never got much into the city always went straigth home as I wasn't a fan of Maastricht.The Amazing Oriental wasn't there yet back then I think,or I never paid attention since I wasn't aware of 'health scenes' and lots of my mainly previous conditions.
I live close to the Belgian and the German border so I usually take the train to Aachen to do my 'unconventional grocery shopping'.;)

Like said I studied in Maastricht,obtained my BA in Communication&Multimedia Design which in hindsigth has been a big waste of time&money.During the last year of that study I studied in Genk at the Media&Design Academy for half a year as an exchange student and followed some courses of the Animation study. Though it was hard work,Belgian schooling is a lot more demanding but better quality of study IMO, I definitely enjoyed it there. I always liked Belgian people.
I definitely felt like shooting myself in the head,bc had I known about the Media&Design Academy I would've never ever started a study here!
Where do you study?:)

Mountainbiking in the woods?That's brave of you! I actually have a mountainbike too,but just use it as my regular main transportation. I'm actually too scared to cycle on uneven muddy rocky a kid I once cycled on an uneven grass surface and my wheel got stuck so I flew&fell very hard in front of the bike so from that day I only stuck to paved surfaces.;)
Do you mountainbike on your own just for fun/recreation/exercise or do you do it as part of a competition? or do you maybe practice another sport/exercise?
Check your inbox! :D

OK, I can't decide so here's 3 faves.

  1. French fries in coconut oil with Mexican coke
  2. Hagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Yes, this is a meal.
  3. Rare steak, mashed potatoes loaded with butter n salt, coffee with gelatin, cream, sugar.

OK I'm hungry now!

answered Jun 21, 2013 by 4peatssake
How do you make the french fries?
I use russett potatoes, cut in strips, I prefer thin but you could do steak fries or cut up the potatoes any way you wish of course. I use my wok to deep fry them in coconut oil. I use enough coconut oil to cover them and cook them in batches. I bought a deep fryer but it ended up being a dud and the amount of oil it took was too expensive. My wok actually works better but you do need to be careful not to burn yourself. I really love them. They are light actually because they are cooked in coconut oil. If you tolerate potatoes, this is a terrific meal. :)

Coffee and cigarettes.....
Other than that, grapes and cheese.

answered Jun 23, 2013 by Dewitt
Coffee and cigarettes make a great snack. And it's a great title for a collection of short movies by Jim Jarmush:
I drink a lot of coffee so I can dream faster. hahaha :)
I eat a lot of grapes and cheese also.

Well cooked potatoes with salt and butter or coconut oil. Always feel very warm and activated afterwards.

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Bukowski

Melted cheese and frozen cherries. So tasty that your other meals will start feeling insecure about themselves.

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Dan Wich
Together? What do you melt the cheese on? I've never tried frozen cherries.
I just melt the cheese in a bowl and scarf it down (with the cherries separate). For some reason frozen cherries taste 10x better to me than fresh.
I feel the same way about grapes. On frozen-meh. Frozen with a little salt and sugar-cant get enough of them.

I can verify that melted cheese is somehow much tastier than normal cheese.

I made this last night: homemade tortillas (you just mix the masa harina with water and salt to make a dough, and then fry in coconut oil) with salsa and pressed cottage cheese as the filling. The homemade tortillas are 1000x better than store bought.

answered Jun 23, 2013 by ilovethesea

watermelon with salt and mozzarella

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Nicholas

melon and smoked ham,mmmmm:)

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Nemesis
I thougth Ray advised against Pork and Chicken(with skin)&other fowl bc of high PUFAS and inflammatory effects?
ham is lean - hardly any fat in ham.
I know ham is lean,I used to eat it a lot back in my bread eating days.:)
It's not only the fat/PUFAS I meant,but also the fact that I've read several times that pork actually has some immune/metabolism suppressing effects.
But if you don't suffer negative consequences of eating ham,than I'd say indulge&enjoy!:)

Steak and buttered mashed potatoes, with sugared whole milk for dessert =)

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Bryan

Tomato slices with melted cheese and fresh purple basil leaf on top. Mmmmm.

Also potato pancakes.

And boiled cherries with honey.

The diet pretty much includes everything I love, but lacks texture and crunchiness...So I binge on frozen chocolate and boiled pig ears.

Gonna go eat cartillage of the bones from the broth, they seem crunchy...

answered Jun 21, 2013 by Elka
edited Jun 21, 2013 by Elka
You're spot on the lack of texture and crunchiness. Majority of foods are liquid on a peatarian diet. I like potato chips and pizza for their crunchiness and chicken wings for texture. Also, the complexity in regards to flavor isn't that interesting on a peat diet. A lot of the fermented food is interesting but isn't advised to eat b/c of lactic acid producing bacteria.

Thank you for all the contributions. These suggestions make great meal ideas.

answered Jun 22, 2013 by John Eels

seafood risotto!

answered Jun 28, 2013 by Nemesis