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Pregnenolone & Progest-e at Same Time

Does it make any sense to take both preg and progest-e at the same time? I want the fast-acting cortisol lowering effect of the preg and the testosterone support of the progest-e. With a helpful diet, does this just seem like overkill? I get the impression that pregnenolone would cover a deficit of progesterone.

created Jun 4, 2013 by Nicholas
Progesterone is supposed to lower testosterone. I've never noticed any decrease in libido, if anything it's been an increase for me. Facial hair has grown a little, but I still don't have much (I'm 22).
I'm curious where you read or understand that progesterone lowers testosterone?
Well I haven't seen any studies, just heard from Peat and others that it does. Maybe someone else has citations, or you could e-mail Peat and ask.

"In young men however, taking excess progesterone can decrease testosterone production and lead to decreased libido. So pregnenolone is preferred over progesterone for young males. The inhibitory effect on testosterone has not been observed in older men, especially those who are ill"

"...Too much progesterone can suppress or neutralize the androgens." -Ray peat :
Dr Peat once told me that they can be used at the same time if needed.

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I would say pregnenolone increases mental clarity, and gives a stable, resilient kind of feeling. Progest-e gives a feeling of satisfaction and warmth that's different. I've used both of them separately and combined, they have different effects for sure.

I think progest-e is much more powerful. One time in the summer when I was generally doing well health-wise, I anesthetized my hands from taking 100-200mg. Progest-e raises my temperature a lot, sometimes past 98.6F.

They can both cure headaches, with the progest-e being more effective.

replied Jun 4, 2013 by Bryan
I wish I could get that effect! I am so stressed out that in the last 7 days I have been taking over 300 mg daily, and all I got is a 6-7 hours sleep during the night as opposed to not sleeping at all that I usually get.
I don't get that effect anymore though = (

One thing I've realized is that being underweight I've been trying to actually gain weight for the past few years. Maybe that's one difference between me and other Peat-inspired people. They always seem worried the diet might make them gain 10-20 pounds at first. It never did that with me; I have a very high calorie requirement it seems.

Do you get racing/anxious thoughts at night?

Maybe it's lifestyle stress that's your problem? I'm still feeling the effects of a stressful few years, even though things are stable now and have been for over a year! If I'm not careful I slip back into feeling bad again, even after all this time.
I get all kinds of thoughts, you don't even want to know what happens in my mind when I can't sleep!:)
Of course that stable life, feeling happy and secure has a great effect on health and sleep and I must say, I have had some stresses lately, and I don't remember any part of my life when I was stress free. but, the biggest stress that I have is a struggle to regain my health, that is what causes stress and depression. when I sleep fine and wake up in the morning feeling better than usual I am always happy and positive and have a will to do anything. I used to be skinny and malnourished,try drinking full fat milk, and you'll see how the muscles will start to grow all over your body.
I guess you try stuff like eating fruit or ice cream ( if you aren't allergic), or else eating a late night carrot salad. That has helped me lots of times. Probably the bag breathing would be a thing to try, since you are having stress.
     Middle of the night thoughts when you can't sleep can be pretty bad. Maybe meditating would be the thing to do if thoughts are racing. I learned something new about meditating from a link someone gave on the thread about meditation. Anyway it would be better to meditate than let these out of control thoughts over run our brains.