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Diarrhea, Too Much Bile The Culprit?

I'm now in my second year fighting chronic diarrhea. It's getting better but Im not there yet. What I found out: Stool is yellowish and it makes me itchy down there. Yellowish stool is a sign of too much bile, the "acid" might cause the itch. Alcohol makes it worse. Eating a spoon of coconut oil alone without meal triggers diarrhea. If I make my carrot salad even with the slightest amount of coconut and olive oil this triggers the worst kind of diarrhea. It seems that somehow the oil triggers massive bile output and the carrot salad drags it all the way down through my intestines. Maybe I have this: I also drink one Red-Bull everyday for the Taurine. Now I read that Taurine increases bile synthesis/output: Any suggestions?

Edit: For Taurine/Bile see also:

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The carrot salad gives me diarrhea about every other week also.  I think it's hormonal.
What is the connection to hormones? I always thought the carrot only cleans the gut (bactericidal)?
Large amounts of fiber will stress the gut, especially if estrogen(serotonin?) is high. That would be my guess anyway.

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Bile irritates the gut wall, as does alcohol, so it sure could cause your chronic diarrhea. Coconut oil doesn't require bile to be processed by your body. Are you using refined or extra virgin coconut oil? If you're using extra virgin, you could be reacting to fungal contamination. Raw vegetables are tough on your gut. Maybe you could replace the daily carrot with cooked bamboo shoots? And if you eat fruit, it's best to cook it too. Instead of drinking Red-Bull, why don't just drink some good ol' plain coffee with lots of sugar and milk? Oh, and bitter foods also increase bile output, so be careful with that!

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what is your diet like?? this is too little info for a good advice. maybe you are constantly eating someting allergenic to your intestine

answered Apr 29, 2013 by Nemesis
In the last months I have strictly reduced my food intake to the following: Beef (leg since no oxtail available) EOD, mussles occasionally, shrimps EOD, 1 Liter freshly pressed orange-juice every day, 1 Liter milk (skim) every day, one egg EOD, honeymelons, butter, coconut-oil (one teaspoon only with a large meal), gelatin 30g daily (dr. oetker), hard cheese (ripened for at least 8 months, only small amounts every day together with larger meal). Carrot salad with apple cider vinegar and salted (once every day). Quark cheese (low fat, occasionally). 5 cups of coffe every day (with meals). Potatoes occasionally (boiled for an hour). No liver since I have issues with the high copper content. Supplements: Vitamin C 3g daily (retard), 10000 IU Vitamin A (Nutrisorb), Niacinamide 500mg divided in two doses, 60 mg Zinc daily, Selenium 100mcg EOD, Vitamin K 1000mcg (LEF) daily, 400IU Vitamin E EOD (A.C. Grace Unique). Thats all, nothing more, nothing less... I aim for about 2500kcal 50% Carbs, 25%Protein, 25%Fat per cronometer.

Try stopping the Red Bull and see if you feel better, you could be reacting to the chemicals in it. If you really want more taurine, just take a small amount of powdered l-taurine, but until your gut is better I would leave it alone. And, I agree that you could be reacting to non-refined coconut oil.

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