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Protection Against Radiation.

I know I am probably going to get hell for this question, but here goes anyhow..... I am going to the Ukraine with my husband in June and we are going to Pripyat (Chernobyl) for a day tour - it's been a childhood dream of his for years. Anything I can do diet/supplementation wise to protect my body from the radiation? I am taking progest-e currently, but any other recommendations? I will also have to go through all those stupid scanners in Russia & the Ukraine, as there is no other choice. Would greatly appreciate any info. I recently read Peat's article on radiation and didn't realize what a big deal even small and apparently "safe" amounts of radiation are, and now I'm going to the second most radioactive place on the planet..... ugh. Thanks!

asked Apr 22, 2013 by Lindsay
I'm normally very supportive and would give all kinds of recommendations of alternative medicine but radiation is a lot more serious.  Realize if you go, you risk developing cancer.

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Do NOT go.

If you do, go 4 years after completely avoiding all significant sources of PUFA, as it maximizes radiation damage.

answered Apr 23, 2013 by Anon
Seconding this. I'm convinced that radiation exposure (from an absurdly high # of dental xrays, including one on my throat as a toddler) was the reason I developed thyroid cancer.
well, if you do not touch anything (vegetation, etc.), going to Pripyat (chernobyl) is suppose to be fine for a limited amount of time (not that I believe that, but.....) I've been avoiding PUFA for a few months and will eat lots of saturated fat and other protective nutrients prior to going.

what are other things I can do to protect myself after x rays?

answered Apr 25, 2013 by Nemesis
one thing I've decided is to avoid them when possible. if you don't need an x-ray, why subject yourself to them? if it's necessary, then by all means, but they tend to do too much. i had an ovarian tumor earlier this year and they made me have an ultrasound & MRI. the doctor told me afterward that the ultrasound gave a much better image of my tumor, so i was thinking, "why did i need the MRI then?" now I know to reject certain tests if i have the authority to do so. also, if you can opt for a body check at the airport instead of going through those silly scanners, go for it!